Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hola from Chile 9-06-10

Hola familiacita,

This week has been a week with lots and lots of hard work which truthfully is just how I like it. Ha ha one night my companion and I both fell a sleep in the middle of planning lol. Divisions, fasts, prayers, and motivating the missionaries. But with much work as always comes many rewards. The Zone is really really getting better. We are on tract to baptize more this month than any other zone in Chile. I try not to take pride in myself but rather in the work these lovely missionaries are doing. Sometimes I find myself in the middle of the night still on my knees having fallen asleep praying endlessly for these missionaries. Sometimes I even have the problem of losing focus in my own sector and baptizing in my own sector and my companion has to slap me back into focus. This month will be full of challenges though because the 18th is a Saturday and the biggest holiday in Chile and I am worried about getting people to church. But with faith and works all will come out fine.

As far as health goes really I am just fine, dead tired in every aspect but just fine lol. So thinking about my package there is something else I would love to have...peanut butter! And lots of it too. It’s rare and really expensive here. Also some updated pics would be nice too. Also I remembered that I left my ctr ring and it would be nice to have one. And, snickers, lots. Lol the rest is all up to you peeps. Oh actually no, one more thing. But first I have to tell you a story. so basically I got robbed again and they took my camera all my pics for the past 4 ,months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I kinda need a camera. I am going to ask companions and others to send me some pics they have of me in the past months.

My companion is awesome. Really funny and smart and willing to work so he’s perfect.

Spiritual thought,

"be wise, what more can I say" -jacob. Good man lol

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.

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