Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feliz Navidad! 12-20-10

Feliz Navidad!

Wow thank you so so much for your letters! Actually in a few parts I teared up a bit...ok so I cried ha ha leave me alone! lol but seriously thanks so much, you all do a wonderful job writing your letters.

It’s amazing to think how much you have all changed and progressed! Sitting here reading about you all and how you’re doing and what you are all doing really gave me an opportunity to feel the tender mercies of the Lord this Christmas season. This week has been a busy one yet again. The best part of all was being able to see it a little white here in Chile too because we saw Camila Quitana receive the bountiful mercies of the Lord through Baptism. So we also enjoyed a white Christmas here. Also we had changes, now I am here with Elder Valencia. He is a 3 year convert and the only member of his family. He is from Chala Ecuador. Really funny.

I’m not going to lie I am way excited to talk to you all this Saturday. Just to here your voices and hear your love is something extra special then only read them. The family is called Familia Muler.

Hey it’s awesome to hear about Spence. Tell that boy to write me a stinkin letter. ha ha and send me a photo! Great to hear about our cousins, that was one of the parts I teared up knowing how they are doing. Saturday we will talk more about the whole college thing. I got my package last week!

Spiritual thought

The other day we were doing a contact and a man told me that people don’t really understand Christmas because they think it is all about giving presents and they really don’t understand what Christmas means. I told him that he was wrong. My companion thought I was just messing with him so he started to giggle a little bit. Then I continued to explain something that came to my mind. After a series of several questions I asked him what relation giving gifts had to do with our Savior. He responded a little surprised saying our Savior gave us the greatest gift of all, the Atonement. He was surprised because it finally occurred to him what the importance of giving was with Christmas. Then I proceeded to explain that the type of giving we should be doing is not necessarily in the material things, whereas the things that we should rather be giving in Christmas time and throughout all out lives is all our time, talents and efforts to building up the Kingdom of God. I explained to him about the gift of the Holy Ghost and the Gift of Eternal life, the two greatest gifts que hay. Then I testified that if we truly love the Savior that we will give him our time this Christmas. We have an appointment with him this Saturday; I’ll tell you how it goes ha ha. But my point that I want to make is that I want to invite all of you this Christmas to
Give a little more Christ. CHRISTmas (Mas means more in spanish)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010



otra semana terminado. ha ha so yeah this week has been full of lots of events. I really enjoyed reading your letters this week. Sounds like everyone is growing and progressing so much. Zack is already ready to graduate, allie is rolling in basket, undefeated ata a way. Taylor...congrats man. ha ha you are about to enter into the experience of a lifetime man. you truely cant imagine how much your are about to be blessed. Hit me up with a letter before you leave man. Dad, setting up a brand new stake...have fun ha ha sounds like you are rolling along nicely. Mom, doing everything as always, ha ha how do you do it?

This week was a fun one. We have been running around crazy teaching and finding. Actually we have been really focusing on confirming a young lady named Elizabeth. We went to stop by her house sunday to make sure she arrived on time and we arrived right before they started the sacrament hyme and my companioln was making lots of hand motions to stop the m to do the confirmation and the members thought he was dancing rigatone ha ha. it was funny. and in the end she got confirmed so its all good. Also i gave a super spiritual blessing to my comapanion yetsterday to help him with some things. way cool.

Information about the call...we know nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha all i know is it should be the same as last time. We will email you the number of a member and a time to call and then you can call us. yes i am still in the city. i have already been in the two country sones so unless i get sent to the office, or the island then i will be here till the end i think. but the island is closed so i dont know what will happen there.

"Recently one of the trees in the front of the mission home fell down during a heavy rain. The tree was one of the biggest and tallest of all of the trees in the front yard. It measured more than 48 feet tall with the diameter of the trunk being more than 2 feet. Apparently the weight of water soak leaves and oversaturated soil combined with a strong wind caused the tree to topple over. Evidently the tree did not have roots sufficiently thick and deep enough to keep the tree from falling. Because the yard has been watered regularly throughout the years, the roots were able to supply the needed water to the tree without having to grow thick and deep into the ground to find water."

We must grow out the roots of our testimony. If we do not then when the windy and rainy temptations of satan come upon us then we will surely fall. THis week my invitation to you all is to think about what you can do to grow our your testimony roots.

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and i must obey.

p.s. i was going to send a package home today but the post office is on strike...freaking chile. next week será