Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Ok so this week has been awesome. Really busy actually. Sounds like you all had a wonderfull week! Zack teaching like a Pro, allie ballin it up congrats on starting captain that’s awesome!!!!!! Remodeling MY house...not jk...but seriously. Dad kicking butt at church service as usual and mom being superwomen. I am always so happy to read your letters.

This week has been awesome!!!! ha ha my companion was sick all week so I went on changes with the members to work, lol I don’t even know the sector. But we were super super successful. WE found a joven that had been to church 4 times and wanted to get baptized...and we baptized her yesterday. Lol so we pretty much arrived to our sector and in one week achieved a baptism. Tender Mercies of the Lord. Also we have 3 lined up for this week that are coming and 2 for the last week of this month. Ha ha my leaders are very pleased with us. lol but really I haven’t done anything. Just the normal things, talk with the bishop and lots of members and everyone in the street. It’s kind of our job. Also something unusual in the mission is that our district is 6 missionaries. Usually it’s just four, and 2 are sister missionaries. These are the first sister missionaries to be in the zone for 10 years cause it’s really dangerous...I’ve got work to do. ha ha but it’s all good. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Also this week as missionaries we have a conference with Elder Cobrige of the Seventy!!!!! And he will come to our stake conference also this Sunday!!!!! yessssssssssssssss ha ha

Something that I shared with the Sisters this week, D & C 122. The Lord gives us all kinds of challenges for our own good. So that we can learn and grow and be stronger and better people. God loves us and wants us to grow. If we have a hard challenge it is because God loves us and trusts us so much that He knows we can do it. He does it so we become closer to Christ our Savior and his atonement. May we all overcome our challenges through the atonement of Christ our Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.

P.S. mom for the package, candy for the members and letters and pics. not much else. I’m fine. I am in the mish, what more could I ask for