Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week 6

Como le va!?

This past week has been awesome! First off, Sunday we were able to attend the temple dedication which was just absolutely amazing! Especially when Thomas S. Monson was talking I mean like wow. Also, yesterday Richard G. Scott was the speaker at our fireside! He gave a great talk on the spirit and following its guidance. Also something else that happened but isn’t really cool is that this morning I woke up with a real sharp pain in my side so I went to the health clinic and they said I have some inflammatory something or another in my lungs which makes it hard to breath. They said with Advil I should be fine in a few days though so that’s good.
Thanks to everyone for writing me! I really enjoyed reading all of your letters this week. Please keep sending them! I love to hear from you all.

Spiritual thought: The people of your heart don't know what is in your heart unless you tell them. So, make sure that those who are dearest to you know that they are. And what better way is there to tell someone you love them then by sharing the gospel? The restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ truly is the best thing that you can tell someone to let them know you love them. The restoration is the most important thing that you can teach someone. Some of you might say "no probably the atonement" yes the atonement is the single most greatest act ever in the history of the world but guess what, it is impossible for one to take full advantage of the atonement of Jesus Christ without being a member of his RESTORED church. For this church is the only church with the proper priesthood authority to administer in the necessary ordinances for eternal salvation in its fullest. The message that can change the world hasn't changed. lol ok now enough proselyting the Gospel.
It is often life’s smallest moments that can bring us the most joy and the best memories, don't let them pass you by. When your daughter or son or brother or sister asks you to help them with something or to play with them and you don't "have time", I promise you that you do. And I promise you that as you take advantage of those opportunities your life will be filled with more joy and love. So, sometime today or this week, take some time away from your self and do something nice for those closest to you. Just play with them, talk with them, or even better serve them. Therein lies happiness.

Elder Fischer

Dios nos ama y porque Dios nos ama el envio su hijo Jesucristo en la tierra para sufrir y expiar para nuestros pecados. esta es significa porque gracias a Jesuchristo y su expiacion, pudamos ser con nuestro padre celestial otra vez!

God loves us and because god loves us he sent his son Jesus Christ in the world to suffer and atone for our sins. This is significant because thanks to Jesus Christ and his atonement, we can be with our heavenly father again!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week 5

Hey all!

This week has been great. All Spanish all the time I found out is more like all Spanish at the parts you can use Spanish and then blurt out what you don't know in English *(on accident of course) lol anyways, something else that is cool is that I am the new district leader! Also there is this 6-9 guy that is in our gym class now and everyone thinks he is like legit...I played him...he’s not. Ha ha anyways I am happy for this opportunity to serve my district. All my BYU peeps about to head off no? I am so excited for you! It will be really hard but I know that it will also be so much fun that it will be worth it.

Spiritual thought,

Ok this verse means a lot to me in my life especially more since I have been hear in the MTC and occasionally when I felt lonely at college: 1 Nephi 17:13. I am not going to write it – one, because I want you to look it up and read it and two, because I don't have a lot of time to write. Anyways this scripture means a lot to me because it reminds us of all that the Savior has done for us and tells us if we keep His commandments He will be "our light in the wilderness". If you think about your life you can relate it to a wilderness. We are traveling through this dark scary wilderness. But when we come unto Christ and are obedient and TRUST in Him He will be our light so that we can see. Also in this wilderness it can be kind of confusing as to which way to go unless we follow the iron rod (as we all know - is the word of God or the scriptures) if we are reading the scriptures and praying and doing all we can in this life then our journey through life, or the wilderness, will be much easier for we will have the light of Christ and the iron rod to lead us and guide us. Also what is so wonderful about our Heavenly Fathers plan for us is the Grace if Christ. Another way of saying grace is "divine atoning power of Christ". Through the grace of Jesus Christ we can all repent of our sins for WHATEVER we may have done in the past. The way through the wilderness can and will be rough for that is the way it was intended, but if we come unto Christ, it is all the more easier.

I want you all to know that you are all literal children of God. Just like our fathers here on earth, He wants the best for us always and He loves us so much that He is so very quick to forgive. Remember our purpose for this life: have joy and return to live with our loving Heavenly Father.

I love you all

Elder Fischer

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week 4

Hey all! All is well. Still haven't had an apostle yet but I still have 4 more devotionals so I still have hope lol. What can I say? Nothing has happened too special this week. Still learning and still enjoying every minute of it. I caught an ali-oop last week in gym and everyone was like whoah! ha ha anyways...

Spiritual thought of the week:

All of my life I have pictured Christ as our cheerleader on the sidelines of our lives. Always cheering us on and encouraging us and lifting up our spirits to continue on and do our best. But as I have studied out more about faith in Christ and as I have grown closer to my Savior personally I have realized that he is not only our cheerleader on the sidelines but also out there on the field or court (or what ever sport you want to use this analogy with) helping us more than we can ever possibly imagine to win the game of life. He has told us through the scriptures the perfect game strategy that if we follow has a 100 percent guarantee of victory. He helps us make halftime or in game changes through personal revelation that if followed will help guide us to a victory. And the best part is that when we mess up, instead of turning the ball over or losing, our savior has taken the fall for us so that we can continue on to victory! How great is our Savior!

Also remember this, if we obey our Savior in the fullest then He will bless us. But when we do not He cannot bless us in full. Remember that selective obedience is not obedience but is a great tool of the adversary.

I love you all and what you do,

Elder Fischer

Excerpts of the most recent family letter:

Ok so this past Sunday me and Elder Gates were in charge of teaching district meeting and we blew it out of the park! The spirit was really strong and it was one for the memories. The food here is sooo good. If I don’t watch it I could gain some weight here but I think I will be fine. Oh, yeah, tell Daniel Carper he was right about the juice lol. My companion tried He will get a kick out of that.

I will leave you with these great words of wisdom:

“If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you!” Elder Vincent

“Stand valiant and tall, through it all!” me!

Love Elder Fischer

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 3

Here is Weston's email for this week:

Hey! Thanks for the packages they are so great! Those cinnamon roles were legit! lol I don't really have any specific request just keep them coming. Family I will write more to you in letters on the account of time.

Hey all! This week has been good. This week we started practicing the second lesson in English and we will next week too but from then on it is all Spanish all the time. ha ha...oh man.

lol But i know that the Lord will bless me and take care of me. Ok so spiritual thought of the week, the only thing that limits us from being all we can be is ourselves. Our unbelief and our own doubt is what keeps us from doing, saying and being what we can be. With faith and obedience we can do and say and be marvelous and wonderful people who do miraculous things. So, my message to you this week is of who you are. You are SONS and DAUGHTERS of GOD. Anything you ask of Him with faith and having good intent He will give us because he loves us. there are no limits other than the ones we set upon ourselves. So, my Brothers and Sisters, smile. Be happy. For this life is a wonderful life in which our purpose is to have joy. So go out and have joy and be faithful!We are of noble birth.

Also if you want to have more of a personal letter please write because i really don't have a lot of e-mail time here in the MTC. I will when I am out of the MTC but right now I don't. Thanks!

with lots of love,
Elder Fischer