Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hola from Chile 9-28-10

Buenas Tardes,

This week for me was a great one. We found and taught several people and also we had a baptism. Her name is Veronica Quioroga and her baptism was very very special. Tears and a great big hug for her husband who baptized her. It’s a moment I will never forget. Also there were changes this week, I didn’t have any changes but everyone in our zone did. I was happy though because two district leaders that are trained are now zone leaders in other zones. I am excited to have another 6 weeks her in Lo Prado.

One verse I just read in Isaiah was interesting:
Isaiah 28:20, “For the bed is shorter than that a man can stretch himself on it; and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it.” This is what I feel it means: “If we are not covered by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, we will find yourself like a man in a bed too short for him with a blanket that is too small to cover him. No matter how appealing sin may look at first, it can never satisfy our inner needs. The sinful person will be ever like the man in a short bed with inadequate covers. He will twist and turn and constantly seek comfort, but he cannot find it. The Atonement of Christ for our sin covers, or is efficacious for, only those who trust in God with all their hearts and keep His commandments.” If you have ever tried to sleep sitting up, like in an airplane chair, or in a car, or in a small bed or area shorter than your legs, you can understand how uncomfortable and restless that sleep might be for you. Also, in some cold nights here in Santiago or Los Andes, we really notice if the covers or blankets of our bed leave one part of us still exposed to the outside air. We realize how important that blanket is to help us be completely warm and comforted. How insightful was Isaiah in describing this symbolism to us in reminding us of our need for the Savior and His complete Atonement in our lives. We want complete forgiveness of our sins, so that there is not one part of us still with sin. “We have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually.” (Mosiah 5:2) As we prepare this week for the blessing of participating in the General Conference, may we remember the words of Alma as he reminded the people of Zarahemla of the opportunity to hear the word of God, as we will from our Prophets, Apostles and other leaders of the Church. Alma 6:5, “The word of God was liberal unto all, that none were deprived of the privilege of assembling themselves together to hear the word of God.” This General Conference will be made available to His children, and we need to prepare ourselves spiritually, to be ready to feast and be filled with His spirit of revelation to personally teach us what we need to hear. Let us each go prayerfully seeking instruction, personal revelation, and answers to our individual prayers. As the Book of Mormon father Mormon wrote to his son, Moroni, my heart shares similar thoughts for each of you, my dear Elders and Sisters. “My son (dear family) be faithful in Christ…may Christ lift thee up, and may His sufferings and death, and the showing His body unto our fathers, and his mercy and long-suffering, and the hope of his glory and of eternal life, rest in your mind forever….”(Moroni 9:25)

de corazon,
Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey

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