Monday, July 11, 2011

Hola from Chile 07 - 11 - 11

Thanks for the letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it will be the last one. And this will probably be my last one as well. Sounds like everyone had a good and peaceful week. We had an excellent one here! Actually we were able to see some very exciting miracles

So, in our mission when I was assistant we established "normas" for the mission. Basically it is a resumen of some key indicators that were very high and excellent for a week. Something that with time Elder Molifua and I started to achieve them every week and baptize every week but it has been something that the mission has been slow to catch on. All want to get them but not many have been able to do them. Only zone leaders and assistants. So, this whole change Elder Lucic and I have been going to town to achieve them and this week we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep - an amazing week. Also we have been fighting to have a baptism our last Sunday in the field. Well she had to come to church this Sunday to get baptized and for some other reasons she didn’t choose to come and so we were a little disappointed but continued working anyways and yesterday we visited 2 sisters of a member who recently lost there dad to cancer. We had a way spiritual lesson with them and not only did they choose to get baptized but they chose to do it immediately - next Sunday will be a special one.

Anyways, so this week we have the goal as a companionship to do more contacts then everyone in the mission - 200 or more - we will see how that goes.

So to answer a few questions - invite whoever wants to come to the airport, it will be cool. Really the only thing that’s important is that you all are there but if others wish to come they are welcome. Afterwards I want to eat lunch at Zaxbys!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha yep. Then I figure we can just have a simple afternoon to talk and have an intense planning session to get organized.

Anyways, love you all! Can’t wait to see you soon!!

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and WE must obey!!