Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hola Fam,

Wow there were tornadoes in HP! Man I am missing out on all the cool stuff there lol. First gigantic snow storms, then tornados! Well we were both without power this day. I don’t know why but Chile just likes to have random blackouts ever since earthquakes. It is actually really fun I think. lol I hope everyone is ok.

So this week has actually been really crazy for me too lol. It all started Thursday. We went to the doctors because Elder Orellana was not feeling good and I ended up having the doctor check up on my toenails also because I have had two ingrown toenails for about 3 months now including one is ingrown on both sides. lol he looked at them and decided that I needed surgery. Typical me always something injured. So after the surgery he told me it wouldn’t be a bad idea to rest for a day of two...ha ha well...uh....not a chance. Even though I waddled like a duck to all of our appointments, we went anyways. Anyways I walk normal now so all is good. Then Friday one of the Old people in the ward passed away. This old man was always so happy it made me a little sad to see him go. Then Saturday we had to attend his funeral so that was kinda lame lol. I don’t like funerals, they should be a lot happier, this man is now with God I don’t see what’s so sad. Anyways then yesterday we stopped by one of our investigators houses and it turns out that her boyfriend who is living there is always drunk and causing problems and the family is thinking about kicking him out! So we spent lots of time comforting them. So yeah this week has been crazytastic lol.

Also I wanted to say something else. All have been asking me what it is like to be in Chile in this moment, this is my reply: It’s a blessing, a privilege, it is very humbling, we are learning how to trust in the Lord and helping others do the same. We are learning to reach out, to lift up, to teach and testify of the healing powers of the Grace of God. I love this country and there is no other place I would rather be in on this earth. Being in Chile in this moment is the best thing I have ever experienced in my life.

Oh yeah, Taylor, your going to Chile Concepcion or Provo dude.

Oh yeah, mom the PMG achievement, lol out of 170 missionaries in the mission only half passed the test. lol it maid me feel good but then I had to repent cause that is called pride.

I will have to think for a week what I want for my b-day.

Matt keep killin it dude, Andrew, I know you will make the right decision, just follow your heart and the guidance of the Lord through prayer.

Tell Doby I said hi! I miss that man, taught me so much.

Duke is gay

Fitz I am praying for ya man, keep fightin

Koontz right me you lazy bum

meggs is gay and jazz is stupid

Love you all!

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey

Thought: Sometimes we think of commandments and rules as things that hold us back or that we know better. Well verily verily I say unto you, that like the kite, "those strings that are tied to us, those rules and regulations that seem to hold us down, are actually holding us up."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hola que tal?

Lol this week was very productive. I have really seen the fruits of the spirit in myself and in the work. Unfortunately we did not see any baptisms this week because we baptized all the investigators we had lol and we are finding again. But man are we finding again. The Lord is really preparing people everyday.

I miss spring weather!!!! lol I am finding that there isn’t really a spring or fall here. They say that we are going to have two weeks of nice weather if we are lucky :(

I wish I could here dads talks to mom your not the only one lol. Thanks mom and dad for your wonderful examples in church service. It really has helped me a lot.

Zack...nooooooooooooo! lol the Fischer Curse! lol the freakin shoulder! ha ha which is it? Allie sounds like you are kicking butt just like always! Awesome.

ata boy fitzy! He will be running in no time.

Actually I am not building too many houses. We only help when the members can’t. Our job as missionaries is to find and teach and as long as the ward has sufficient priesthood to help. We don’t go that often but equally we have helped about once a week with houses and things. lol I have really learned how to redneck up a house lol. They wonder why their houses fall a que ver

Dad we take YM all the time on splits. It really helps them get excitement about serving...one has to plan a good day though and make it a good experience because if not it can have the opposite effect. But missionaries know what to do it so it’s all good. Actually one time I did see a YM at zone classes and I thought it was genius because there is a really awesome spirit of service and love in classes and it really motivates one for the work.

One big announcement...you should probably cancel my card because for some reasons that will not be stated I do not have it and for the moment I am without money. Lol but we were prepared and have food and back up money so wez be good.

Spiritual thought: "To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it. But we must sail, and not drift or lie at anchor."

Interpret it how you like. There are several different ways to do it

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hola all,

Hey everyone, this week has been awesome. Also a bit challenging. Elder Scow went into the city and two new missionaries are now living with us and they like to try to sleep in in the mornings. Lol it’s fun waking them up... also the work here is really picking up along with my desires to work. I tell you when you develop more love for the Lord your desire to do more soars above that what you can imagine. We are helping build up some houses and repaint some walls which is really fun. Last night almost all of Chile was without lights and I have no idea why. We thought that another really strong earthquake was going to come but nothing happened.

One thing in these times that I have really come to appreciate is everything I learned in scouts. We are discussing as a mission and zone what we need to do to be prepared and everything that I learned in scouts is coming into play. So thanks to all those who were with me in scouts!

We had another baptism this week. That’s 4 weeks in a row and it feels great. Mom details about the ONLY baptism in Chile the week of the Earthquake, we had to get up and fill the baptismal font at 4 in the morning because there was like no water pressure at all. But it was a special baptism because even though we could not leave Saturday to work, we called all the people necessary and pulled it off. It was cool.

One thing that is fun down here is that every Saturday I get to teach an English class. Ha ha it is hilarious I am not going to lie. But what is even funnier is that I only teach them to pray or the lessons from preach my gospel in English. Its only a matter of time till one of them is baptized...he he he!

Super fomi about the tourney Zack. It’s all good though. One thing that I am really learning here on the mission is that there are some things that we just can’t control and have to learn from and be patient in each of these experiences. For example, when you have someone obtain a testimony that the church is true and share it with you as they are crying and super excited for a baptism one day and then the day before their baptism tell you off...you learn how to deal. But its all good, I hear you represented the Fischer name well and dominated with your skills and the dew. lol

Allie, I hear you are just the little baller now. Congrats on the win! Keep up the good work!

Mom the mail is working so you can send that package when you want, actually I have a favor to ask, can you put in a little duck tape? Also some extra socks. And if it’s not too much one of those cheapy watches from Wal-Mart cause mine is dead practically and they are way expensive here.

Spiritual thought:

The purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to make bad men become good, and good men become better through the Atonement of Christ the Lord. How do we do that? Well lets look a little at one of the famous stories in the Book of Mormon and on Faith.

Many times throughout Nephi’s life Laman and Lemuel were very rebellious and harsh towards their brother because he was more righteous than them. One time they even went as far as to tie him to a tree with strong cords. After much suffering and pain Nephi cries out unto the Lord, and says, according to my faith, Give me strength to bursts these bands. It is very important to know that he did not pray as an object to be acted upon, but rather as agent to act. Or, he prayed with the intention of acting upon his faith not with the intention to sit back and watch something happen. Then, with his faith in the Lord and through the Atonement, The Lord gave him the strength so he could act and he burst these strong bands. My message today is that we can all find the strength we need through the Atonement of the Lord and the faith to be willing to act.

Love you all, you are always in my prayers and thank you for all the prayers that I have felt.

Please continue, Chile needs it.

Elder Fischer
The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.

p.s. leopards don’t change their spots, but people change everyday. Show your Savior you love him and share the gospel today.

Monday, March 1, 2010

3/01/2010 Story of the Earthquake

Hola fam,

Lol ok so I pretty much just had some of the most scary and spiritual experiences of my life

3:00 Saturday morning I woke up and the earth was shaking its pants off. I am not going to lie living through an earthquake with the power of an 8.8 is not exactly a fun experience, although it seemed it would be at first. It started really slow actually. So we got up and stood in the doorway and turned the lights on so we could see. Then the earth shook more and more viciously. The building started hopping, the earth roaring like an angry dragon as the floor starts moving like the waves of the ocean in the middle of a stormy sea. Glass hits the ground and shatters next to your feet and then the worst thing happens - the lights go out. Now you are stuck in the most terrifying experience of your life but then you calm down and realize something, you are a servant of the Lord. Slowly the noise quiets, the building doesn’t seem to sway so much and the floor doesn’t seem to bump so much. You are reminded of the Saviors love for you and you just know everything will be ok. You stop worrying about yourself as your thoughts turn to others. Earthquakes are not so bad if you are wearing the Armor and especially the mantle of Christ.

Lol sorry Mom I didn’t see any angels but one thing that was pretty cool is that I absolutely knew something was going to happen for two days before and when the earthquake came I was already awake sitting in my bed waiting for something. The Lord Blesses and guides His servants. It’s pretty sweet to be able to say I lived through the worst ever earth quake in the history of Chile! And 5th worst in history of history! I can only imagine what it was like when Christ died. I will be doing a lot of service hear in these coming months I feel lol.

Anyways, we are still without lights in our apartment but it’s all good. The only thing that is really really frustrating is that we were not allowed to leave our house all day Saturday to work and we have to be in the house every day at 8 instead of 10. That just rally frustrates the crap out of me. But I will go on.

Anyways, since we don’t have much time I think w are going to go work instead of chillin today. That is if I can convince my companions, which I think I can. I got all those missionary tricks now. he he

Also one more thing, we were supposed to have changes today but we didn’t seeing that everything is destroyed. So we could have changes any day now just so you know mom.

I received my package from Edye and Mom the other week! Thanks so much! I must admit candy from the United states is like heaven lol.

Love you all!

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey