Saturday, February 27, 2010

News from Chile after Earthquake

Hola to our friends and family,

We have had many phone calls today and appreciate your thoughtfulness and concern. We have not yet personally heard from Weston or his mission president however the church has recently made an official statement that I have posted below. His mission president also just posted the below letter on the mission blogspot. I thought you might enjoy hearing what they had to say.

Again thank you and please continue to pray for all the missionaries and the people of Chile,


>SALT LAKE CITY 27 February 2010 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement today following the devasting earthquake in Chile:
"We, along with the rest of the world, are watching with concern as reports from the massive earthquake in Chile continue to unfold. As with any disaster, immediate details are difficult to confirm. Here is what we know so far:
"Eight of the Church’s nine Chilean mission presidents have checked in and are reporting all missionaries are safe and accounted for. We are still trying to reach the mission president in the Concepción South Mission, which is closest to the epicenter and two missionaries on the Juan Fernandez Islands off the coast of Chile. We will provide more information as it becomes available."

Chile Santiago North Mission

Dear Friends, Family, loved ones and parents of our dear missionaries of the Chile Santiago North Mission,

We know that many of you are often on the mission blog, so we decided to post our latest news as we have it currently:

Thank you for your love and concern on behalf of all the great people here in Chile. We especially appreciate your prayers for the welfare of your wonderful missionaries you have entrusted here to serve the Lord. We want you to know that all of our missionaries on the continent in our Chile Santiago North Mission are accounted for as of this moment. They are full of faith, happy and surprisingly so optimistic that it touches us to hear their wonderful outlook. We had one slight injury with an Elder, and he is happily here in the mission home doing fine, with his companion, where we can actually keep an eye on him! We are hearing of many miracles where we know they were protected by angels.

Now finally, after trying all day, just spoke to the Rundquists, our senior couple we have serving on Easter Island, and they too are fine. They are bringing our small flock of the branch for an evening of FHE/activity, to their apartment that is situated up on one of the highest hills. They are trying to gear up and be prepared for the possibility of the coming tsunami there. They too are cheerful and encouraged; glad they had recently been grocery shopping and happy that they can help the other members be safe too. What great examples to us!

However, our hearts are filled with prayers and concern for our last two, fine Elders we have presently serving on the Isla Juan Fernandez/Robinson Crusoe Island whom we haven’t heard from yet. There has only been spotty information rec’d here in Santiago regarding the status of all on the island, after the tsunami has already hit there. We don’t know the condition or status of our dear Elder Mitchell and Elder Marin at this time. Please, continue to pour out your hearts in prayer for their safety, well-being and protection at this time. We know that the Lord is mindful of them, and He loves His missionaries, so we are full of faith and hope and have asked our missionaries to continue to pray for them by name.

Our daughter Sarah, who is with us here in Santiago, is fine, as is our son, Elder Gregory May, who is serving in Chile Concepcion Mission (epicenter of the earthquake) , along with all of the missionaries accounted for in his mission too, thankfully. We have been in constant communication with Salt Lake City, and then trying to reach and receive calls from our dear missionaries, so forgive us for not calling back, answering email, and responding individually. We have had quite a bit of experience in our lives with earthquakes, living in So. California, including the devastating challenge of having our home in Valencia destroyed in the 1994 Northridge quake. Preparing to deliver our daughter, Sarah, now 16, that very morning, we learned so much through that experience that we are seeing come into play in this time in Chile. We know that the Lord is so aware and instead of trying to hustle our four small sons out of the way of the breaking glass, swinging chandeliers, crashing bookcases like we did in 1994, we now are thrilled to hear that our 170 ‘mighty Elders and Hermanas” are also safe and moving forward with faith wherever they are. They have been contacting each other, lovingly checking on the sisters, walking to each others apartments, helping with some of the clean up, etc. What incredible young people these are and we love them dearly. We see the Lord’s hand in these miracles.

Please pray for the people here in Chile, and especially our Elders Mitchell and Marin. May you parents know how we cherish and love your dear missionaries.
Con amor y cariño,
Presidente y Hermana Michael May

Friday, February 26, 2010



This week was awesome. We baptized 2 young women. One is named Elisabeth and the other Macarena (like the song) they had an amazing conversion. Maca read the entire BOM before her baptism and only has 15 years of age. During the baptism service she was crying and it was really special. I felt the Lord pour out his blessings on me and I felt his love. It is amazing as I strive more and more to serve the Lord, I only find him serving me.

Wow mom 2 weeks away from home, que fomi lol. No jk. Sounds like you have had a good time. I was thinking I would love something from the book store there because I love reading about church doctrine and learning and things like that...but I would need to look around. I don’t know any of the books or anything. But you could look around at writings of the prophets and stuff and buy me something. Especially if there are some teachings of Joseph Smith or something like that there. I love reading of him.

I can’t believe my sobrina(niece) has two weeks! lol how is Madi doing? Also how are Britt and Bruce? Oh man someone just brought in some fries and they smell good I want some...anyways, lol funny story: so we were walking in a "ghetto" area and we past by a woman and she said a word that is like slang for hottie or something like that and I was with Elder Scow and he thought she just said hola so he said hola back. lol so then she said something else that was a question that leads to action and Elder scow was about to say something but I just told her no gracias and we went on. lol he was hitting on her and didn’t know it and I pretty much saved him. It was so funny and awkward though. Anyways I am going to get to my spiritual thought so I can send photos.

So I was thinking this week about studying the scriptures. We all know we should and that there are ways to study them and that all are good. But I started to think about what has helped me and what ways really help us "feast upon the words of Christ” One method is to read the scriptures all the way through. This helps you understand the spirit a little and understand the story. Also you can study by topic, such as what is faith in the Savior, why is it the first principle of the Gospel, why and how does faith in the Redeemer lead to repentance, and how does the atonement strengthen me to do things in life that I never thought I could do? This is also very effective and gives more room for the spirit to enter in your heart and teach you. Then we have the third method and the most powerful method. This is to look for connections, patterns, and themes in the scriptures. For example – themes, I chose to look at the theme of the Book of Mormon and also all of the parables of Jesus Christ. In every story and prophecy has the message of come unto Christ. For example, the vision of Lehi, the tree of life in his vision is the central feature in the dream and is a representation of Jesus Christ. Now let’s take this same story and apply it to scripture study. We see that there are three groups in the story. The first group encountered the mist of darkness and fell away and let go of the Iron Rod. The Iron Rod is the word of God or the scriptures. The second groups of people were clinging to the Rod of Iron. They were clinging to the scriptures, reading, having faith and were doing good things, but they too fell away into temptation. Notice the statement "clinging to the rod” this must mean that they occasionally read their scriptures and occasionally went to church. Then we read about the third group. They "continually held fast" to the rod. They continually read their scriptures and continually went to church and said their prayers and they partook of the fruit and were saved and arrived at Jesus Christ.

My loved ones reading this right now, just like every scripture there is, I invite all of you to come unto Christ by receiving his restored Gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism (if you haven’t already) receive the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end by studying the scriptures every day and going to church and praying. I promise you all that this is the only way to find true happiness. Because the happiness in the gospel is described as a joy and is a never ending happiness.

Love you all

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and i must obey

Monday, February 15, 2010


What’s up fam?!

Ok so this week has been pretty sweet. We have been working our butts off so that’s always good. We finally have lots of investigators to teach and for this we are really enjoying ourselves here in Los Andes. It really is true what you said Elder Street, there is no joy greater in the Work than the actual work.

Today we had to bring Elder Dunshee to the Office because he has officially completed his mission and is going home. It was really sad. I really love that guy. But we will definately hook up some day. He is going to be a famous music artist so I can just mooch off his money and I won’t have to work lol.

Lets see, what happened that was interesting this week...well lets see we were on the metro today and this couple totally just started making out right next to us and it was funny cause me Elder Scow and Elder Dunshee just looked at each other and said out loud in English "get a room". lol they didn’t understand so it was all good. It was more of a reaction. Also yesterday we climbed up a hill to have a testimony meeting with our investigators that are going to get baptized this coming week. It was way way spiritual and Chile is way way beautiful. I have pics.

Street you’re the man dude, I can’t believe you are coming to the finish line, or third base however you want to look at it. Keep it up and keep it strong man. You’re a great example

spiritual thought,

So I was reading about my favorite prophet ever the other day in the Book of Mormon. I was reading about Nephi and the story of how he broke his bow. it is amazing to me as we see his whole family complaining. including his own father who is the prophet and patriarch of the family at the time. I was thinking while I was reading, what would I do? then I read what he did do. we read in verse 23 what he did do. First he did all he could and did his part and made a bow and arrow. then he inquired of the Lord. What I learned of this is that whenever we are passing through trials and difficult times in life first we have to try our best to fix them. we have to prepare ourselves to receive an answer from God then we may humbly go before him to ask for his guidance. then if we have humbly prepared and done everything we can and are truly willing to act we will receive what we need of the Lord. Nephi went up to the mountain and slew many many beasts. So when others complain or doubt, inquire of the Lord and go About it.

Love you all

hit me up with an email

Elder Fischer
The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.



Wow congrats Bruce n Britt! ha ha oh man I cant believe it! Seriously
I am like going crazy right now. Its kinda not fare that I can’t see my
niece but I know I am where I should be. She is a tiny little girl. I
can already tell she will have the Fischer good looks lol a relationship...ha ha oh man. hit me up with an email
dude. Y tambien, cuidado!

This week we saw miracles here in Los Andes. We passed by and had
probably one of the most spiritual lessons of my life with a 15-year-old
girl. Then she read almost all of the Book of Mormon and bore her
testimony in church that she knew it was true. Her name is Macarena so
when we got back to the house we broke into a dance lol. I am sure you
can imagine.

But this is the thing. We did nothing. As missionaries we did nothing
for this girl, we showed up and she was already ready and accepting.
Something that I have really come to find on my mission is that the more
I find myself trying to serve Him (Christ), I only find Him serving me. I am
truly grateful for my savior Jesus Christ and for all He did, does, and
will do for me. I see His influence in my life everyday. I don’t think
we will ever be able to see all of the wonderful tender mercies that He
gives us. It makes sense after all, He tells us to serve in secret, we
all know He leads and teaches by example. God loves us infinitely and
individually. All my love and prayers to Britt and Bruce and little
Madi. May the grace of God be with you all,

Love Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must Obey.

Monday, February 1, 2010

News From Elder Fischer


Sorry I don’t have time to write a real letter today because these computers slow and I have to be going soon.

The work is going well. Don’t worry I will definitely talk about baptisms when they come. We are going to have 2 in two weeks. It’s a little different here in Chile cause they have to go to church 3 times and things like that.

Sooooo I haven’t bought a camera yet because there is not any money on my account. Also I went to the doctors this week, well Elder Dunshee made me, cause I got two bad ingrown toenails that I am dealing with. Don’t worry they are getting better cause I am pretty much a pro. lol I didn’t want to go in and waste a day but Elder Dunshee convinced me that it was better for the work in the long run. The only bad thing is I had to buy meds and now I have to buy new exercise shoes. They said that was one of the main reasons - cause my shoes are way to narrow at the end for my feet. So I will need money for those as well. I guess this is going to be the "money times" of my mission.

Love you all!

About the work:

Ok so it’s not so much a story as it is a revelation that I figured out about my service here in this ward. There is no youth program in this ward because there are no youth. Not one. So out of all my baptisms all except one is a teenager. I guess I just relate to them well. Right now we are teaching a lot of youth and 2 are going to be baptized si o si in two weeks with many more to follow. It just feels really good to see that I really am helping this area grow.

Thank you all for your letters! I will respond next week!

Elder Fischer

-El Señor me ha mandado y yo debo obedecer


This week has been good. We have a few people that are progressing towards baptism. This Area President told me is one of the hardest time of year because everyone has money and everyone goes on vacations and we have really seen that. lol there were barely more than 50 people in sacrament meeting this Sunday and the average attendance is 115. lol but its all good. You know we be baptizin!

lol mom you are crazy if you thought I was going to stay off my ingrown toenails for anytime whatsoever. They are improving but I got some work to do lol. I bought my camera. I am going to buy the shoes today I think. I don’t know how much I have on my account for them though I will see today.

Yes we celebrate Valentines day in Chile! lol I don’t really know what they do but all I know is I will be working lol. Yeah I got you Dear Elder package. lol I got it 1 week before Christmas with all my thanksgiving food. lol it was funny. No problem though.

Good to hear Fitz is improving. Sometimes I wish I was there to do a little missionary work with his family and friends. I really hope and pray everything will workout for him.

I am so jealous of the snow! What is this? I leave and all of a sudden it starts snowing! lol it makes me think of snowball fights and stuff. Especially since it’s so freaking hot!


The average runner sprints
Until the breath in him is gone,
But the champion has the iron will,
That makes him carry on.

For rest, the average runner begs,
When limp his muscles grow,
But the champion runs on lean legs
His spirit makes him go.

The average mans complacent
When he does his best to score,
But the champion does his best
And then he does a little more.

Keep it real, love you all. Remember we are all children of our Heavenly Father and He loves us so very much. He loves us so much that He is willing to help us out in our lives. All we have to do is ask and try our best, and then, when we have done all we can, He gives us the strength to "do a little more".

Elder Fischer

-The Lord has commanded it and I must obey