Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Buenas Dias familia mia,

Good morning to all! Wow what a wonderful session of Conference this weekend. One thing that has proved to be amazing in the mission is the capacity that one has to learn. After watching every session including the special session for the YW (we had investigators) I was still left with energy and desires to keep learning and hearing more. I have never been so attentive and in to a session of General Conference like this one. I hope all were edified by the wonderful words of our apostles and our Prophet. I especially loved how every one of them was lead to talk about strengthening our families. In these times when people say that Satan is stronger and smarter than ever and that Satan is attacking the families I found it appropriate that we respond by strengthening ourselves and learning how to strengthen ourselves on our own and come closer to Christ.

A few business notes. I didn’t get any packages last week but I should get them this week I think. I will let you all know. Next week is changes and seeing as how I have been with Elder Orellana since the beginning of December we will probably see something there which means my internet time will be short and late. Mom I was thinking of a few things that you could send me for my b-day if you can. First I really liked it when you sent me that pancake mix!! Lol also my suits are old, dirty and ragged. if it’s not a problem I could accept a new suit.

So General Conference put me way homesick sometimes. Lol just memories of priesthood with Dad and Zack and the talks on good parents raising kids just gave me lots of great memories of home. Just wanted to thank you all for what you have done for me in that aspect. Lol I bet granddaddy went crazy when the Prophet said "Every action is preceded by a thought" lol good man. Also I would like to give a shout out to Sister Gage; one of The Prophets favorite scriptures also is Proverbs 3:5-6!

Ha Billings Montana!!!!!! Yeah that’s an awesome mission. Congrats Taylor! Did anyone call that one? Don’t think so...pootcha lol give it all you got man I know you will.

spiritual thought:

While the Savior was in his earthly ministry he taught us several things. Actually he taught us so many things that I would say it is impossible to study them all in one lifetime. But out of all of His wonderful teachings rings the most important one of all "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart might mind and strength" followed by the second "Love thy neighbor". In president Uctdorfs talk he tells the touching story about the statue of Christ that has no hands, no hands but ours. How true is that? We are his hands here in the world today, we are His disciples, and we made that covenant with Him when we were baptized with water and the Spirit. As His disciples and His hands we must serve him and our fellow man in ever way that we can. There is a saying here that is like this, "he who gives little, loves little". this does not mean that those that do not have much to give cannot have the capacity to love. In this statement, giving much refers to in proportion to what you have. And as members of Christ’s Church we have much. Spiritually speaking we have the keys to the Kingdom of heaven, the richest kingdom of all time if I may say so. As such we must stretch out and give all we can spiritually, we must bear our testimonies and share the gospels at all times possible. Remember that we can say that we love in several ways, songs poems, and any other fancy usage of words, but without acts it is as a tinkling symbol. Christ showed us the greatest act of Love possible to all of mankind, Let us "Love the Lord our God" by showing our neighbors we love them by sharing the wonderful news. Christ lives. His Church is here on the earth. through it we can be saved.

Love you all, have a good week!

Elder Fischer

the Lord has commanded it and i must obey.