Wednesday, September 15, 2010



This week has been a really good one. Filled with lots of challenges and also lots of miracles as always. Lots of blessing for the sick, also lots of baptisms dropped (wah?!) and also lots of training for missionaries .

Don’t have lots of time because we have lots of work to do but there are a few things that I wanted to say. First and most important, mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ha ha how old are you now? lol jk don’t respond. I wish I could be there Saturday to bug you like you always do to us lol jk I actually miss it. Spence congrats man. Hit me up with an email man. (with a pic) Jay sounds like you are doing a wonderful job already, keep it up. Can I send emails to Jayson? Britt and Bruce, enjoy your flights and be safe. Madi too. Zack good luck in school. Allie kick some butt in basket!

So Thursday started out really difficult with lots of failed appointments and stuff but we continued with excitement and energy and followed the spirit. After pretty much everything fell through we felt like visiting a new convert. We showed up right at a moment when they desperately needed us and it was a very spiritual lesson. Then we left the lesson still without hardly any plans, again we felt like we should visit a member. We showed up and they were very very sick and we gave them all blessings and all of them are now completely better and they gave us lots of references! lol follow the spirit, he knows the way.

Oh yeah, mom 18 is so special cause it’s your birthday duh! lol and also its the "4th of July" of Chile. And its the 200th also so its huge here this year. Everything will be shut down all week and we are going to talk with pure drunk people all day every day ha ha. Please pray for us. Also because of this our p-day next week is Tuesday because everything will be closed Monday still. All of Chile will be celebrating moms b-day in grand fashion. lol anyways, love you all!

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey

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