Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hola fam,

I truly loved all of your letters this week. I could really feel the Spirit and your love for me. Thank you so much. The things you say and teach me always leave me ready and animado for the week. We had a pretty productive week. A little slow because my companion ya esta listo por su casa but all is well it leaves me even more determined to work harder and build up the faith of others.

Allie congrats on a wonderful season of basketball! You are so awesome! Now you just got to train for next year right? Lol Zack sounds like you had a busy week with lots of church activities. Those always were my favorite activities! Dude send me your talk or at least the outline I hear it was awesome! Zack and Allie you truly are examples for me! Please continue faithfully in your wonderful lives of service.

Barker! Congrats man! It sounds like you had an awesome mission! Lost just a little weight tiny boy!

Jayson be the happy Jayson you are ;)

Mom, Dad, Thank you for teaching and leading and raising me in the way of the Lord. I was reading the teachings of King Benjamin this week and you would be surprised how much I saw his teachings in harmony with yours. I am indebted and truly grateful for this wonderful gift you have given me.

Well I have pure desires to work and lots of it to do so spiritual thought.

Some murmur when the sky is clear
and wholly bright to view,
if one small peck of dark appear
in their great heaven of blue:
and some with thankful love are filled,
if but one streak of light,
one ray of Gods good mercy, gild
he darkness of heir night.

May we all realize what we as members of the true church of God have in our lives. We have the priesthood and as such the opportunity to apply the atonement in our lives through repentance. That is more than just a streak of light in our day no matter how dark it may appear.

Love you all, Have a good week!

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hola from Chile 5-10-2010

Buenas Dias fam,

It was so great to hear your voices yesterday! Even if my voice is with a bit of a Spanish accent lol. I was actually nervous for that reason. We don’t talk in English ever so I hadn’t practiced for a while. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day mom. I know I did cause I got to talk to you lol. Not that I’m a mother or anything but it was still a good day.

Other than feeling super homesick we found a wonderful person yesterday! So the work continues onward as long as we are doing the will of the Lord. Sounds like my boys had a way fun time at the father-son-Jaquish campout lol. I miss those. Allie it sounds like your talent show will be way cool. You will have to film it in case I ever decide to come home from Chile ;) I’m sure I’ll hear all about it next week. Good luck!

Wow so zack is going to be senior boy! lol hard to believe that you all are going to be ending this year of school so soon. Time flies in the service of the Lord.

Mom if you want you could send some sweats for the nights and mornings or you could even send me some money and I could just buy them here what ever you prefer.

Well I don’t really know what else to write, we talked a lot yesterday. soooooooooooooooo, spiritual thought:

"Its your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude in life"-Dave Dean.

A wise man stood at the gate of an American city and greeted travelers as they arrived. One day, a traveler asked him:
"What kinds of people live in this city?"
The wise man responded with a question of his own: "what kind of people lived in the city from whence you came?"
"Oh, they were very bad people," answered the traveler, "cruel, deceitful, and devil-worshipping."
"You will find the same kind of people in this city", replied the wise man.
Some time later a second traveler came to the gate and asked about the people in the city. The wise man again asked this question:
"What kind of people lived in the city from whence you came?
"Oh, they were a very good people," answered the second traveler, "hard working, generous, and God-fearing"
" You will find the same kind of people in this city" Smiled the wise man.

My wish is that we can all remember who we are and what we stand for and that we must be agents to act not objects to be acted upon in the life. I love you all and pray that you may find the joy life has to offer through the Grace and mercy of our Savior and Lord, Jesus The Christ.

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Sorry it has been a few weeks since I sent out emails from Weston – here is a compilation of those 3 weeks

May 3, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so so much for all the letters and birthday wishes and songs! Even though they were written I could truly hear them. (especially Fischer style lol) So wow so much has happened this week with you all! First of all, Jaquish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! England man! Ha ha the only one that actually did get sent to Europe! Ha ha wow. Street I can’t believe your home man! Como es la casa despues la mision? Extraña? Digame todo! Zack, I hear you freaking beasted it in scripture mastery. Atta boy! Allie kicking butt at b-ball. Britt...I miss you!!!!! Lol sounds like you had a super special week. Mom and Dad, truly my heroes, especially in the Gospel. Fischer’s of Men.

Anyways for my birthday my companion asked me what I wanted to do. I was really hoping for that lol. There is a lonely old lady in our ward that lives really far away and has been alone for a whole lot of time. Every Lunes she has family home evening all by herself. So for my birthday I wanted to give her the gift of a family home evening with us for the evening so we are going to go up there to help out this sweet old lady. Nothing more. I don’t really feel like doing much for my birthday, its like I told my companion, I may have been born this day but it’s not my day, I am on the Lords time and I will spend it in his service not in mine.

Sorry that there is nothing more to say cause there is no time but I had to read a lot of emails which is a good thing! Lol love you all! If you want to do something for my b-day...go out and serve.

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey

April 27, 2010

My dear family,

Jayson I am stuck between three places...California, Texas, Chile Concepcion sur. Pick one cause its one of these three I’m not joking.

So it was another inspiring week here in Los Andes. I truly felt the tender mercies of the Lord as we were able to see Mieya and Vicente sit with HNO Nicanor as a family after their confirmation. I actually almost started to cry. I will try to send the photos.

Street! don’t goooooooooo! lol

Spiritual thought:
So I have been studying a lot about love and service this week and I was reading in 2 Nephi in chapter 26 and vs 30 and 31 really stuck out to me. It says that it is a commandment that we have charity and love. It says that if we have not charity then we have nothing. Then in vs 31 it says that those that work in Zion work FOR Zion. Not for recognition of other people and not for anything else. We as members of the church all have callings and as we serve we should serve FOR Zion or, FOR the Lord and we should do it because we Love and cherish him. I am learning this more and more as I serve everyday. My only hope is that he can shape me and use me in this work. I signed up for 2 years of service but now I know that almost 12 years ago I signed up for a lifetime of service. My testimony is that God lives, that Jesus Christ is His son and the Savior and Redeemer of the world. Thanks to Him, I can be with all of you forever. For this reason I have to serve For him and For Zion.

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.

April 19, 2010

First, this week I caught some sort of virus but it is not that bad so I still left and worked I just had to work through a little pain. But that’s the mish, you are always having to work through adversity. So then Thursday we constructed a Mission Impossible plan for one of our investigators who is called Mireya and her grandson. Her husband is a member and he is the problem actually lol. Every time we have a lesson and he is there he interrupts like crazy and really is pressuring her. Like way overly pressuring her and the spirit is never there. So what we had been doing is passing by when he was working but last week he lost his work so he is always there. She was not progressing at all but we prayed Wednesday and felt that she needed to get baptized this week si o si. So we organized this plan. When we arrived at the house I immediately started talking with him and asking him questions about my bicycle and asked him if he could help me fix it. We came with a member and Elder Orellana and the member went inside and started to teach and we did division’s lol. I don’t know how but I stalled the man an Hour and a half while my companion taught a super powerful lesson that we prepared that included them praying on the spot...she and her grandson were baptized yesterday. We completed this family and now they are so so happy. It was a special baptism and all were crying. Mission impossible 1: completed

Jayson I got another guess for ya, spain lol I can see it.

Spiritual thought:

There once was a Young an who was the Son of his Japanese father who served in Japan. They were living in the United States and All his life this young man planned to serve a mission in Japan. Including he already knew how to read, write and talk in Japanese. When his call came he was super disappointed to find out that he was to go to Colombia. He went to Colombia unwillingly and wrote several time çs the General authorities saying he was in the wrong place. He continued through his mission as a comapion menor and didn’t learn a whole lot of Spanish. Finally he arrived at his last two changes and he found out he was to be a trainer. One day they were walking in the street and an old man started talking to the Elder in Japanese. The Elder talked with the man for almost two hours and then afterwards turned to his companion and told him that he taught this man lesson 1 and 2 and that they had a meeting with this man and his friends the next day and that he already knew about the Book of Mormon. When they passed the next day they found out that the man had 60 friends and all spoke Japanese and didn’t understand anything about English or Spanish. Before this man ended his mission he baptized all 60. After the baptisms they showed the young Elder the only Book of Mormon that they had had before and studied. He turned to the back and saw a short message that ended with the signature of his own father.

God knows what he is doing. Trust in the Lord with all your Heart and lean not unto thy own understanding!

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and i must obey.