Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hola from Chile 9-21-10

This week was truly a fun one. We have about 20 empanadas in the refrigerator because everyone for mom’s birthday had a barbeque and were just handing out food every second to us. Lol it was great. We also had to do some "babysitting" for some of the missionaries but its all good lol. We also had a wonderful baptism this week. He is called Miguel Arraya a Joven of 15 years that already wants to serve a mission and arrives at church every day at 8 to serve and help and learn and grow. Very spiritual experience. Also on the other side I think the Lord is testing our patience because we have talked with a bazillion Jehovah witnesses this week and sometimes they just really irritate me...

Lol anyways sounds like you have had a good week. Mom I can’t buy a camera here now because last time I lived right next to an Americanized store but now I’m in the city and they don’t have anything. I will not let it get stolen this time!!!!!!!!!! lol

This Week our mission Doctor had to go home early because he was detected with terminal cancer that is very aggressive and fast. They say he has one year to live. He bore a powerful beautiful testimony about the Atonement. It was a good learning experience.

Spiritual thought. This week I have been thumbing around through some Church history that has really lifted up my spirit and diligence in missionary work and also in my personal conversion. It is amazing to me some of the trials and persecutions that they were able to bare. Missionaries left without even having shoes on their feet or a single penny to their name. But they went joyfully with a song in their hearts only saying; I’ll go were you want me to go. I was meditating how and why they could have such great faith and confidence in the Lord. Cause when I have trials my first thought is why me or why is this happening. Then I realized that their faith and confidence and understanding came through their understanding of the Atonement and Love for Christ. They truly understood it and because they understood it they were able to apply it in their lives and serve with ALL their heart might mind and strength. When one really understands the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the words "I" and "me" disappear and the words "what more can I do for the Lord" appear. When this change happens, our testimony, conversion and desire to serve greatly increase and we become more and more like our Savior Jesus Christ. It is my solemn testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.

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