Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hey family!

How is everyone doing? Still haven’t received your letters lol. Hopefully tomorrow. My companion is good. He really teaches me a lot about the brain work of the mission and the things that work best here. We get along really well. He is really funny. One cool thing is that he played football for a year at Dixie football before his mission as a corner. He is tiny though ;) lol the only problem is I feel sometimes that he is not exactly obedient or that he is here for the same reasons as me. But I love him and we get a lot done together so it’s all good in the hood.

Wow congrats sis! a girl! ha ha I told you ;) anyways I can’t wait to get pictures of you and your baby belly! How are you guys doing? Shoot me off an e-mail or something.

Ok so now its time for a little Chile preview. The food here is amazing! I mean wow if we ate more than two meals a day here I would be gaining like crazy lol. Especially the ice-cream. I don’t know what is different about it but wow its good lol. Dad you would be jealous about this but everyone year loves ping pong! Ha ha most people have a table it’s kind of funny. The people hear are so nice and most will talk to you. The only problem is that they are really lazy and don’t always want to go to church and it ways in PMG that if they don’t go to church they will not get baptized.

The name of the area that me and my companion are opening up is called Valle Grande and oh man it is grand lol. Also it is so beautiful! We finally moved into our apartment Friday and it is so much better than sharing with other missionaries. We have to travel by bus everywhere which kind of is no fun but it gives me a good opportunity to practice my Spanish by talking with people. Yeah we have lunch appointments. She is a good cook.

I can’t wait to hear from the BYU gang. Tell them to shoot me off an e-mail or two. Sounds like they are doing great and having a good time. I knew they would.

Oh yeah we definitely got to watch conference down here and even in English! Lol I have never been o involved in conference before it was awesome. Yes mom elder Holland’s talk was very legit. He is definitely my favorite followed by a close uctdorf. After it was over for the first time in my life instead of oh yes thank goodness it was sad because I wanted more lol.

This weeks work was kind of sad, we had some people fall through. One was especially disappointing because we had tow wonderful ladies progressing beautifully and ready to be baptized and the husband all of a sudden goes crazy on us and won’t allow us to meet with her. But that is a part of the work sometimes and we will continue to pray for them and there dad. We are so optimistic and ready to get back out there this week and bring more souls unto Christ.

Ok so since like half of the conference talks were on love and charity I think that’s what my spiritual thought will be on today.

In first Corinthians 13:1 we read that when we speak not with charity our voices are like the sound of a tinkling symbol and do not have much affect. But when we do speak with charity our voices are like the sound of a trump of which we learn in chapter 14 is what prepares men to battle. And yes we are in a battle right now. A battle against Satan to bring souls back to our heavenly father. Then in D and C we read that when we preach with the sound of a trump we are declaring the truth like unto angels of God. So what I take from this is that in our missionary work we can either not speak with charity and have little effect or we can speak with charity and preach with like the powers of the angels. One other scripture, in Colossians 3:14 we are told that above ALL things put on charity, which is the "bond of perfectness". We are commanded to strive to be as much like Christ as possible, Christ was perfect. May the grace of our Lord be with you all,

Till next week,
Elder Fischer

"I Must Obey"

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