Monday, October 26, 2009


Good morning to all – here is this week’s letter from Weston – attached is a picture of his zone compadres. Also – some people have been asking if they can email him so I asked and here is his response… I can receive and send off e-mails to other people. Its allowed in this mission! So tell them to bring it on! lol.

Hey all!
Ok so this week has been really interesting. We have dealt with someone who really wants to be baptized but has an argument with every principal and we cant seem to touch her heart so we went to try to drop her and we cant even do that lol. She wont let us. also we had a very nice gift come to us. We were tracting and a man came up to us and said he liked our religion, wanted to be baptized, and HE asked US if we could give him a Book of Mormon to read...yesssss! lol

Ok some info about the area I realize that some of you have some questions. Ok so we are in a brand new area that missionaries have never set foot in. There are two members but they won’t work with us which really slows things down but we’ll manage. We do attend a branch but it is 35 minutes away by bus. For this reason it is hard to get people to church but there are chosen people here. Also our area covers like three areas so we travel a lot and we are in the process of getting bikes right now. Yes we are in the country and mom if you look it up, look up Valle Grande not big valley. And it has only been here for two years so I still don’t know if you will be able to see it.

Don’t really have a lot of time this week so now on to the spiritual thought.

This week I wish to talk about the B.O.M. there is a power in the BOM that I think sometimes we do not realize and I have seen it so in my work here. (Granddaddy I am pretty sure I got you beat in handing them out :) ) No bad man could right this book and no good man could write it if it weren’t true. In this wonderful powerful book we can find comfort, peace, answers, and all kinds of inspiration. I advise all to read this book often. If you have a doubt, it’s in the BOM. I promise you with all my heart it the answer is in there. It contains the fullness of the gospel and all who read it will gain an increased desire to repent, be better and come unto Christ. So this week when you are bored and really feel like just sitting down and spend your personal time watching TV, spend your personal time doing something that is actually personal and read the BOM. May the grace of our almighty savior be with you all,

till next week, chow!

"i must obey"

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