Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hey everbody!

yeah hopefuly i will get that package tomorrow! lol things in chile have really been up and down lately lol. its a little tough opening up a new area (im still dry) but it is also truely a blessing. i have learned so so much about the work. also we have like 10 people with baptisimal dates for the 9th of november so hopefully they won´t all fall through lol. actually i have a lot of faith in one of our investigators. his name is fabian and he is 13 years old and he is like obsorbing the BOM! ha ha its great. he is always so excited for us to give him another chapter to read in the BOM and he is learning so much from that. just think how much we would learn everyday from the BOM if we all had this attitude.

chile update: ok something that is funny first. all that we drink down here is juice, so we go all day drinking nothing but juice and walk around all day. so you can imagine that by the end of the day i am dancing my pants off because i have to go so bad and since its all juice it is really hard to wait. but the good thing is is that it actually serves as a useful tool. we greet someone and if we feel that they might listen to us if we can get into their house we simply ask if we can use the bathroom. since the people are usually willing to help here we get in. then while the other is using the bathroom we just "casually bring up the gospel. lol it really works sometimes. also another thing that is interesting here is how obsessed everyone is with shoes, and sunglasses. wow every corner and ever other store! ha ha it reminded me of spencer. what is spencers address by the way? also i don´t think i have andrews either. mom could you locate them for me please?

ok spiritual thought:

this week as i have mentioned has neen a little rough as i have mentioned for various reasons. one thing that happened that has built up my testimony is that we passsed by someones house, gave them a lesson and left. the next day we returned and the grandpa of the family had died. they didnt want to talk to us that day so we returned the next day to teach them the plan of slvation. this is what i want to focus my thought on today. How glorious and how merciful is our God. for so loved us that he provided us with this wonderful plan. it brings me much peace of mind to know that when our loved ones pass away that the place they go to is to live with our loving heavenly father. they are not simply dead, but it is my belief that they are more alive than ever in christ their redeemer and their God. Sometimes these things are hard to deal with. when we lose our loved ones it is hard because we cannot see them or touch them. but here is what we should all remember, we have a savior. Jesus christ walked the path completely and utterly alone so that we don´t have to. he suffered for us, died, and then rose again. thanks to the great mercy of christ we can return to live with our loved ones not just once again, but once again for eternity. my heart goes out to all those who may have lost someone close here recently. i know it is hard but just remember that our God is an awesome God and as we are found doing the things he has commanded us, we shall inherit the kingdom of God. May the grace of our Lord Jesus christ be with you all,

Elder Fischer

-the Lord has commanded it, and i must obey. -Nefi

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