Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hey all!

Ok Chile update and info for the week - Saturday night here was crazy! The reason being is that Chile beat Colombia and qualified to go to worlds next summer so literally everyone was in the streets going crazy. Also something I thought Dad, Zack and Jeff might find interesting is that the people here are like crazy about tennis too. Don't get me wrong they are way crazier about soccer but if it's not soccer its tennis.

Mom also it would be cool to have like a little basketball hoop for our door or a football or something like that for the package. Yeah I finally got the letters last Tuesday. They both got here the same day so I don't know which is faster. I haven't seen a ups mom so I don't think that would work.

The work again was a little slow this week. But Elder Marshall and I have decided to do something that I think will really help us a great deal so we are super excited and determined now to go out and get this show on the road.

Spiritual thought:

As I have been down here I have become more and more aware of the powers and influence of satan, and I am going to tell you right now he's a tricky little bugger lol. But in all seriousness he is real. He does not normally come at us with the big things either. He works sneaky and slowly. " 2 Nephi 26:22 (yes Zack vs. 22) says that he starts with a smal string that in time turns into strong cords that bind us forever. This is how satan works. he gets us to think oh its ok I can do this small thing, and he starts a little tiny string that we can break easily. But as we continue to just do these "small things" then he continues to tie strings around us till they become unbreakable cords that he will use to control us. So my message to you all this week is to not let satan trick you into doing the "small things" for in time, they will not be so small. May the grace of our Lord be with you,

Till next time my friends,
Elder Fischer

"the Lord has commanded it and i must obey, amen." -nephis last words

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