Monday, September 28, 2009

Hola From Chile

Sorry to all but I was not able to write any letters last week but I will write some today sorry I don't know how long it will take to get there. Also my first baptism is scheduled for the 11 of October and we have several planned afterwards. Can't wait to get wet!

Ok my spiritual thought will be short today on the account that I may or may not have gotten carried away playing ball with the other elders and might just about be out of time lol.

I will start with a story,
Yesterday it was raining and was super cold! I could see my breath at 4:00 in the afternoon and it only got colder. So we did what missionaries do and we went tracting! lol I loved it, we were colder than (fill in one of dads ridiculous phrases) but it was actually one of our better days because since the people here in Chile are just so incredibly nice, when they open the door and see us freezing they let us in so we stuck 5 people with baptismal dates! ha ha it was great. I think it worked so well one because I would share my testimony that we were out tracting in the rain in a foreign country because of our solid testimony of this truth and two because we were obedient. We could have been like oh I don't feel like traveling an hour today and standing out in the rain and made up whatever excuses we wanted. but I have learned that any excuse, no mater how valid the reason, is simply a lack of character. Yeah sure this life can be hard and sure at times we are going to be asked to do things that are really outside of our comfort zone, but if we obey with willing hearts and helpful hands the Lord will bless us with spiritual treasures untold and unimaginable to the natural man. I testify this to you and promise you this as an authorized missionary of Jesus Christ. Those are not light words.

I must obey

Oh yeah one more REALLY important thing...I love you guys! you are all in my prayers and I cannot wait until we are together again.

yo se que solomente mediante Jesuchristo que nosotros podemos estar junto para siempre.

I know that only through Jesus Christ that we can be together forever.

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