Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week 6

Como le va!?

This past week has been awesome! First off, Sunday we were able to attend the temple dedication which was just absolutely amazing! Especially when Thomas S. Monson was talking I mean like wow. Also, yesterday Richard G. Scott was the speaker at our fireside! He gave a great talk on the spirit and following its guidance. Also something else that happened but isn’t really cool is that this morning I woke up with a real sharp pain in my side so I went to the health clinic and they said I have some inflammatory something or another in my lungs which makes it hard to breath. They said with Advil I should be fine in a few days though so that’s good.
Thanks to everyone for writing me! I really enjoyed reading all of your letters this week. Please keep sending them! I love to hear from you all.

Spiritual thought: The people of your heart don't know what is in your heart unless you tell them. So, make sure that those who are dearest to you know that they are. And what better way is there to tell someone you love them then by sharing the gospel? The restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ truly is the best thing that you can tell someone to let them know you love them. The restoration is the most important thing that you can teach someone. Some of you might say "no probably the atonement" yes the atonement is the single most greatest act ever in the history of the world but guess what, it is impossible for one to take full advantage of the atonement of Jesus Christ without being a member of his RESTORED church. For this church is the only church with the proper priesthood authority to administer in the necessary ordinances for eternal salvation in its fullest. The message that can change the world hasn't changed. lol ok now enough proselyting the Gospel.
It is often life’s smallest moments that can bring us the most joy and the best memories, don't let them pass you by. When your daughter or son or brother or sister asks you to help them with something or to play with them and you don't "have time", I promise you that you do. And I promise you that as you take advantage of those opportunities your life will be filled with more joy and love. So, sometime today or this week, take some time away from your self and do something nice for those closest to you. Just play with them, talk with them, or even better serve them. Therein lies happiness.

Elder Fischer

Dios nos ama y porque Dios nos ama el envio su hijo Jesucristo en la tierra para sufrir y expiar para nuestros pecados. esta es significa porque gracias a Jesuchristo y su expiacion, pudamos ser con nuestro padre celestial otra vez!

God loves us and because god loves us he sent his son Jesus Christ in the world to suffer and atone for our sins. This is significant because thanks to Jesus Christ and his atonement, we can be with our heavenly father again!

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