Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week 4

Hey all! All is well. Still haven't had an apostle yet but I still have 4 more devotionals so I still have hope lol. What can I say? Nothing has happened too special this week. Still learning and still enjoying every minute of it. I caught an ali-oop last week in gym and everyone was like whoah! ha ha anyways...

Spiritual thought of the week:

All of my life I have pictured Christ as our cheerleader on the sidelines of our lives. Always cheering us on and encouraging us and lifting up our spirits to continue on and do our best. But as I have studied out more about faith in Christ and as I have grown closer to my Savior personally I have realized that he is not only our cheerleader on the sidelines but also out there on the field or court (or what ever sport you want to use this analogy with) helping us more than we can ever possibly imagine to win the game of life. He has told us through the scriptures the perfect game strategy that if we follow has a 100 percent guarantee of victory. He helps us make halftime or in game changes through personal revelation that if followed will help guide us to a victory. And the best part is that when we mess up, instead of turning the ball over or losing, our savior has taken the fall for us so that we can continue on to victory! How great is our Savior!

Also remember this, if we obey our Savior in the fullest then He will bless us. But when we do not He cannot bless us in full. Remember that selective obedience is not obedience but is a great tool of the adversary.

I love you all and what you do,

Elder Fischer

Excerpts of the most recent family letter:

Ok so this past Sunday me and Elder Gates were in charge of teaching district meeting and we blew it out of the park! The spirit was really strong and it was one for the memories. The food here is sooo good. If I don’t watch it I could gain some weight here but I think I will be fine. Oh, yeah, tell Daniel Carper he was right about the juice lol. My companion tried He will get a kick out of that.

I will leave you with these great words of wisdom:

“If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you!” Elder Vincent

“Stand valiant and tall, through it all!” me!

Love Elder Fischer

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