Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week 5

Hey all!

This week has been great. All Spanish all the time I found out is more like all Spanish at the parts you can use Spanish and then blurt out what you don't know in English *(on accident of course) lol anyways, something else that is cool is that I am the new district leader! Also there is this 6-9 guy that is in our gym class now and everyone thinks he is like legit...I played him...he’s not. Ha ha anyways I am happy for this opportunity to serve my district. All my BYU peeps about to head off no? I am so excited for you! It will be really hard but I know that it will also be so much fun that it will be worth it.

Spiritual thought,

Ok this verse means a lot to me in my life especially more since I have been hear in the MTC and occasionally when I felt lonely at college: 1 Nephi 17:13. I am not going to write it – one, because I want you to look it up and read it and two, because I don't have a lot of time to write. Anyways this scripture means a lot to me because it reminds us of all that the Savior has done for us and tells us if we keep His commandments He will be "our light in the wilderness". If you think about your life you can relate it to a wilderness. We are traveling through this dark scary wilderness. But when we come unto Christ and are obedient and TRUST in Him He will be our light so that we can see. Also in this wilderness it can be kind of confusing as to which way to go unless we follow the iron rod (as we all know - is the word of God or the scriptures) if we are reading the scriptures and praying and doing all we can in this life then our journey through life, or the wilderness, will be much easier for we will have the light of Christ and the iron rod to lead us and guide us. Also what is so wonderful about our Heavenly Fathers plan for us is the Grace if Christ. Another way of saying grace is "divine atoning power of Christ". Through the grace of Jesus Christ we can all repent of our sins for WHATEVER we may have done in the past. The way through the wilderness can and will be rough for that is the way it was intended, but if we come unto Christ, it is all the more easier.

I want you all to know that you are all literal children of God. Just like our fathers here on earth, He wants the best for us always and He loves us so much that He is so very quick to forgive. Remember our purpose for this life: have joy and return to live with our loving Heavenly Father.

I love you all

Elder Fischer

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