Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 3

Here is Weston's email for this week:

Hey! Thanks for the packages they are so great! Those cinnamon roles were legit! lol I don't really have any specific request just keep them coming. Family I will write more to you in letters on the account of time.

Hey all! This week has been good. This week we started practicing the second lesson in English and we will next week too but from then on it is all Spanish all the time. ha ha...oh man.

lol But i know that the Lord will bless me and take care of me. Ok so spiritual thought of the week, the only thing that limits us from being all we can be is ourselves. Our unbelief and our own doubt is what keeps us from doing, saying and being what we can be. With faith and obedience we can do and say and be marvelous and wonderful people who do miraculous things. So, my message to you this week is of who you are. You are SONS and DAUGHTERS of GOD. Anything you ask of Him with faith and having good intent He will give us because he loves us. there are no limits other than the ones we set upon ourselves. So, my Brothers and Sisters, smile. Be happy. For this life is a wonderful life in which our purpose is to have joy. So go out and have joy and be faithful!We are of noble birth.

Also if you want to have more of a personal letter please write because i really don't have a lot of e-mail time here in the MTC. I will when I am out of the MTC but right now I don't. Thanks!

with lots of love,
Elder Fischer

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