Monday, March 1, 2010

3/01/2010 Story of the Earthquake

Hola fam,

Lol ok so I pretty much just had some of the most scary and spiritual experiences of my life

3:00 Saturday morning I woke up and the earth was shaking its pants off. I am not going to lie living through an earthquake with the power of an 8.8 is not exactly a fun experience, although it seemed it would be at first. It started really slow actually. So we got up and stood in the doorway and turned the lights on so we could see. Then the earth shook more and more viciously. The building started hopping, the earth roaring like an angry dragon as the floor starts moving like the waves of the ocean in the middle of a stormy sea. Glass hits the ground and shatters next to your feet and then the worst thing happens - the lights go out. Now you are stuck in the most terrifying experience of your life but then you calm down and realize something, you are a servant of the Lord. Slowly the noise quiets, the building doesn’t seem to sway so much and the floor doesn’t seem to bump so much. You are reminded of the Saviors love for you and you just know everything will be ok. You stop worrying about yourself as your thoughts turn to others. Earthquakes are not so bad if you are wearing the Armor and especially the mantle of Christ.

Lol sorry Mom I didn’t see any angels but one thing that was pretty cool is that I absolutely knew something was going to happen for two days before and when the earthquake came I was already awake sitting in my bed waiting for something. The Lord Blesses and guides His servants. It’s pretty sweet to be able to say I lived through the worst ever earth quake in the history of Chile! And 5th worst in history of history! I can only imagine what it was like when Christ died. I will be doing a lot of service hear in these coming months I feel lol.

Anyways, we are still without lights in our apartment but it’s all good. The only thing that is really really frustrating is that we were not allowed to leave our house all day Saturday to work and we have to be in the house every day at 8 instead of 10. That just rally frustrates the crap out of me. But I will go on.

Anyways, since we don’t have much time I think w are going to go work instead of chillin today. That is if I can convince my companions, which I think I can. I got all those missionary tricks now. he he

Also one more thing, we were supposed to have changes today but we didn’t seeing that everything is destroyed. So we could have changes any day now just so you know mom.

I received my package from Edye and Mom the other week! Thanks so much! I must admit candy from the United states is like heaven lol.

Love you all!

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey

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