Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hola que tal?

Lol this week was very productive. I have really seen the fruits of the spirit in myself and in the work. Unfortunately we did not see any baptisms this week because we baptized all the investigators we had lol and we are finding again. But man are we finding again. The Lord is really preparing people everyday.

I miss spring weather!!!! lol I am finding that there isn’t really a spring or fall here. They say that we are going to have two weeks of nice weather if we are lucky :(

I wish I could here dads talks to mom your not the only one lol. Thanks mom and dad for your wonderful examples in church service. It really has helped me a lot.

Zack...nooooooooooooo! lol the Fischer Curse! lol the freakin shoulder! ha ha which is it? Allie sounds like you are kicking butt just like always! Awesome.

ata boy fitzy! He will be running in no time.

Actually I am not building too many houses. We only help when the members can’t. Our job as missionaries is to find and teach and as long as the ward has sufficient priesthood to help. We don’t go that often but equally we have helped about once a week with houses and things. lol I have really learned how to redneck up a house lol. They wonder why their houses fall a que ver

Dad we take YM all the time on splits. It really helps them get excitement about has to plan a good day though and make it a good experience because if not it can have the opposite effect. But missionaries know what to do it so it’s all good. Actually one time I did see a YM at zone classes and I thought it was genius because there is a really awesome spirit of service and love in classes and it really motivates one for the work.

One big should probably cancel my card because for some reasons that will not be stated I do not have it and for the moment I am without money. Lol but we were prepared and have food and back up money so wez be good.

Spiritual thought: "To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it. But we must sail, and not drift or lie at anchor."

Interpret it how you like. There are several different ways to do it

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