Monday, March 15, 2010


Hola all,

Hey everyone, this week has been awesome. Also a bit challenging. Elder Scow went into the city and two new missionaries are now living with us and they like to try to sleep in in the mornings. Lol it’s fun waking them up... also the work here is really picking up along with my desires to work. I tell you when you develop more love for the Lord your desire to do more soars above that what you can imagine. We are helping build up some houses and repaint some walls which is really fun. Last night almost all of Chile was without lights and I have no idea why. We thought that another really strong earthquake was going to come but nothing happened.

One thing in these times that I have really come to appreciate is everything I learned in scouts. We are discussing as a mission and zone what we need to do to be prepared and everything that I learned in scouts is coming into play. So thanks to all those who were with me in scouts!

We had another baptism this week. That’s 4 weeks in a row and it feels great. Mom details about the ONLY baptism in Chile the week of the Earthquake, we had to get up and fill the baptismal font at 4 in the morning because there was like no water pressure at all. But it was a special baptism because even though we could not leave Saturday to work, we called all the people necessary and pulled it off. It was cool.

One thing that is fun down here is that every Saturday I get to teach an English class. Ha ha it is hilarious I am not going to lie. But what is even funnier is that I only teach them to pray or the lessons from preach my gospel in English. Its only a matter of time till one of them is baptized...he he he!

Super fomi about the tourney Zack. It’s all good though. One thing that I am really learning here on the mission is that there are some things that we just can’t control and have to learn from and be patient in each of these experiences. For example, when you have someone obtain a testimony that the church is true and share it with you as they are crying and super excited for a baptism one day and then the day before their baptism tell you learn how to deal. But its all good, I hear you represented the Fischer name well and dominated with your skills and the dew. lol

Allie, I hear you are just the little baller now. Congrats on the win! Keep up the good work!

Mom the mail is working so you can send that package when you want, actually I have a favor to ask, can you put in a little duck tape? Also some extra socks. And if it’s not too much one of those cheapy watches from Wal-Mart cause mine is dead practically and they are way expensive here.

Spiritual thought:

The purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to make bad men become good, and good men become better through the Atonement of Christ the Lord. How do we do that? Well lets look a little at one of the famous stories in the Book of Mormon and on Faith.

Many times throughout Nephi’s life Laman and Lemuel were very rebellious and harsh towards their brother because he was more righteous than them. One time they even went as far as to tie him to a tree with strong cords. After much suffering and pain Nephi cries out unto the Lord, and says, according to my faith, Give me strength to bursts these bands. It is very important to know that he did not pray as an object to be acted upon, but rather as agent to act. Or, he prayed with the intention of acting upon his faith not with the intention to sit back and watch something happen. Then, with his faith in the Lord and through the Atonement, The Lord gave him the strength so he could act and he burst these strong bands. My message today is that we can all find the strength we need through the Atonement of the Lord and the faith to be willing to act.

Love you all, you are always in my prayers and thank you for all the prayers that I have felt.

Please continue, Chile needs it.

Elder Fischer
The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.

p.s. leopards don’t change their spots, but people change everyday. Show your Savior you love him and share the gospel today.

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