Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Week of 12-14-2009

Hola familia,

Ok so I know you are all just dying to hear about my new area, companion, ward and all so I guess I will start with that.

My new area is Los Andes 1. Los Andes is the hottest part of Chile. Nice to be arriving here in summer lol. Our sector is huuuuge. So naturally I have a bike again! Lol the ward is great. There are not a lot of active members but that is why I am here. In the back yard of the ward there is a garden of trees. They have orange trees, lemon trees, peach trees, pretty much everything.

My companion...is a bean. Lol but seriously. His name is Elder Orellana and is from Chile. He is 21 and has a year and a half in the mission and I am leading him around and forcing him to be obedient. It’s all good though. I think the reason that I am with him is hopefully to help him.

Ok so this week was a roller coaster. In two days I popped three tires on my bike (thanks to nails) rolled my right ankle 3 times (that can’t be good) and am having to lead my "senior" companion around. Its all good though cause guess what...we had three baptisms! Lol oh the tender mercies of the Lord. Especially Sergio. Had a really awesome spiritual experience with him. Anyways the other two were Alejandro and Yaritza. So funny

Oh yeah another thing about our sector is that there is a jumbo in our sector! (American store!) I have been eating good. Lol

Anyways on to spiritual thought:

Ok so this morning I read a scripture that really stuck out to me and made me think about some of the things dad taught me a while ago. I was reading in 1nefi1:20 which reads:

20 And when the Jews heard these things they were angry with him; yea, even as with the prophets of old, whom they had cast out, and stoned, and slain; and they also sought his life, that they might take it away. But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance

The Lord sends “tender mercies” our way. He does it because He loves us and promised He would send the comforter and He himself would come unto us (John 14:16, John 14:18). His tender mercies are one of the important ways He shows us how much He loves us. We know that He atoned for the sins of all mankind and overcame physical death. We know that when we apply the atonement in our lives we can be freed from the burden of sin (PMG Chapter 3-Lesson 1 pg 32). But there is a second part to the Atonement which is “we can develop faith and strength to face our trials. I believe the Lord sends tender mercies in our life just at the right time to help us develop the faith and strength when we need it.

In a talk by David A Bednar we learn the definition of Tender Mercies "personal and individualized blessings, strength, protection, assurances, guidance, loving-kindnesses, consolation, support, and spiritual gifts which we receive from and because of and through the Lord Jesus Christ."

In verse 20 its says that tender mercies are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith. In other words, He chooses us because we choose Him because of our faith unto action in obeying Him and serving Him.

The Lord sends tender mercies to those that have faith in him. Oftentimes I feel as my dad does that there are tender mercies that the Lord gives us that we are not even aware of. My challenge to you this week is to think and reflect upon times in your life when you have received tender mercies from the Lord. Think if they have been from other people and think how you can be a tool in the Lords hand unto bringing about a tender mercy unto someone else.

Love you all so dearly,
Elder Fischer

-debo obedecer

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