Thursday, December 3, 2009

Week of 11-30-2009

Lol hey fam,

This week has been awesome! I have never been more tired in my life. But equal, I have never been so happy to be so tired. We baptized the Gonzalez family this week! After the past two weeks I almost want to get baptized again myself lol. Just looking into their eyes as they leave the water and begin their new clean life is something amazing! Then as they stand there looking at the water with a sense of innocence and humility is just amazing.

Anyways sounds like everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Want to know how I spent mine? Peddling my bike 70000 miles! lol ok maybe not that much. It was good though. We worked all day so I really didn’t have that much of a problem with it, it was kinda weird. ha ha cleaning out granddaddy and mammaws huh? lol I am jealous of you really, I miss doing big projects like that. Mom believe it or not, I eat salads and asparagus and stuff like that everyday. I don’t mind it anymore! lol sounds like the turkey bowl was fun. That is something that I missed ALOT!!!!

hmmm, Christmas...what do I want...lets see...oh I know...shirts and interesting huh. yeah it would be helpful if I could get a few more short sleeve shirts. Doesn’t matter what kind whichever is easier for you. also pants...I think I am growing a little but so they will need to be longer. hey if you can send me a pair of green pants or something! lol sorry mom I don’t know if you can wrap it or not.

Anyways we are going to spend our p-day working again it looks like. I wouldn’t have it any other way actually lol

let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys, love ya!

Elder Fischer

Quote for the week:
"never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved"

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