Wednesday, January 5, 2011



This week has been a pretty busy one. My companion has been a little sick so we have been running around to see doctors and all that stuff. Also we had a way sweet mission activity. We went to a big church and played sports for 5 hours so I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ha ha actually we played kickball, football, soccer and basketball. Almost the best day of my life...ha ha. Also Sunday we had another Baptism!!!!!!!!! Gonzalo is his name and he is 27 years old and already has the goal to go to the temple with his girlfriend in one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha oh man he was so ready to get baptized.

Also we were tracting and we passed by a really nice field and we saw what I thought I would never ever see in Chile...a game of football! Actually it was the championship of the only league in Santiago. haha so we watched for 15 minutes but they were terrible so we just kept going. Then today in the morning my companion and I went to a museum of art...ha ha that was fun...we just pretty much made fun of things...same ol fish

Anyways, I took lots of pics this week so I will get to loading them up.

Mom I will start thinking about those essays. Don’t worry about getting me distracted...impossible...ha ha and if it needs to get done it needs to get done no mas.


In first Nephi chapter 11 we learn lots of things, actually one of the things that I learned this week is that true beauty comes from the Love of God. (1 Nephi 11:8) This means that anything joyful, or loving or beautiful in life comes thanks to and because of and with the love of God. Then we learn in verse 22-23 that the love of God is the highest joy that any man can feel or experience. We also learn from the scriptures that joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, and so, the best feelings, the highest joy, the most amazing experiences of happiness in life can only come to us if we have and are living worthy of the Holy Spirit. If we as sons and daughter of the living God wish to experience and feel his love then we must of necessity, seek the company of the Spirit. In other words, to be happy in life we must, go to church, partake of the sacrament, pray daily, read the scriptures, do our visiting and home teaching, pay our tithing, fast, serve others, share the gospel, etc, etc, etc. This is why living the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing for us in our lives, because it is the only thing that will truly bring the spirit in our lives. And so it is the only thing that can truly make us happy in our lives. May we all search for better ways to have the Spirit in our lives. Love you all and can’t wait to hear from you next week!

Elder Fischer

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