Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hola from Chile 6-28-2010

Good day family and friends,

Thank you all so much for the wonderful letters you wrote me this week. I seriously felt your love and the Spirit so strong I just wanted to get out of my seat and go preach the gospel and then I remembered that I still had to writ back. Well I don’t have a whole lot of time so I will just fill you all in quickly on the week. This week as a zone we were able to bring many souls to Christ. It was a good reward for all the hard work these wonderful missionaries have been doing. Actually this week my companion and I were running around like crazy trying to take care of all the interviews. Also we managed to bring a young girl named Izydora into the gospel this week. She is so amazing and you can really see a change in her eyes as she has been welcomed by the members in a loving fashion. Also this week Chile qualified for the next round of the world cup and it went crazy. Lol there were kids in the middle of the street throwing rocks at each other. A drunken man was pushing us around, and a drunken lady proposed to us and offered us about 20 cents to marry her. Lol today they play against Brazil so it will be nice for this to come to an end as it is really affecting the work sometimes. Actually for the reason of the game we cannot go out a whole lot today during game hours.

Allie is beast at b'ball! Lol wow if she keeps it up with this group they are sure to win states in high school. Keep it up sis I am so proud of you. Keep taking it to the whole. And by the way...HAPPY BDAY! Lol 13 whats up my teenaged little sister. How is it like to be a teenager_ I wouldn’t know...lol

Zack you’re a beast

Mom and dad, thanks as always for your inspiring messages.

Oh wow when I read Elder Millers first letter chills ran down my spine. Welcome to the brotherhood my good friend

Spiritual thought
The successful man in life is not the one that has a million dollars or a really good job, he’s not the one that uses his bright mind to run and manage others and not the one who has all the talents in the world, but rather, the one who gives all his talents to the Lord, and the one who submits 100 percent to the will of the Lord.

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.

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