Tuesday, January 19, 2010


What’s up peeps,

hey to all. this week has been a really good one for me. sounds like you all have had a really good week too. Last night as we were waiting for the call to say we didn’t have changes we listened to some pretty spiritual songs that got me thinking, I was sitting there and looking at all the photos of my family and friends and I got this overwhelming feeling of love for you all. but it wasn’t a homesick feeling, it was a "man I cannot wait till we are all together in the celestial kingdom together forever in a state of never ending happiness (Mosiah 2:41).

anyways it’s good to hear that fitz is doing better. sucks that the tarheels can’t win a freaking basketball game! lol sounds like Allie is gaining that Fischer love for basketball. Britt is about ready to pop! lol wow I cant believe it. I still remember when she and Bruce maid the announcement at the beach last year.

Chile now has a new President. Piñera is his name. all I know is that he copied Obama in two ways. his slogan was one of change and he supports gays...gay.

Funny story - so we were talking to these two drunk dudes the other day and one was trying to talk all religious and stuff. it was actually kinda sad but I proposed two questions to him. the first was "si jesucristo estuviera al lado de usted, usted tomaria?" (if Jesus Christ was standing right nest to you right now, would you be drinking?) he said but of course no. then I said "entonces, porque toma ahora?" (then why do you drink now?) lol he looked like he had just pooped his pants then he went off laughing with his drunk friends. it was pretty funny.

Spiritual thought:

so I was reading a little about the definition of sheep. the bible dictionary says that they are very loyal to their master and something else very interesting that they are super good at recognizing the voice of their master. Christ is our master. just as a shepherd has gone head over heels to help us and save us. He has done more than enough to earn our trust and loyalty. he has not asked us much. repent and be baptized and come unto him as a little child and obey his commandments until the end. if we do we shall be held as precious treasures unto him (somewhere in exodus lol) I wish to exhort you with all my heart to come closer unto the master. we are his sheep and he is our Sheppard. If we are loyal and obedient to the master we when we recognize his voice at the last day it will be in the morning of the first resurrection and we will live with God Jesus Christ and our families as treasures of God in a state of never ending happiness. I Love you all and forever will be praying for you.

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey

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