Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hola fam,

This week has been really good. full of wonderful spiritual experiences and good memories of which I will get to a little later.

First, they didn’t lie when they said that Los Andes was the hottest part of Chile. It’s been over 100 degrees every day here and we are in the beginning of summer.

Anyways I have been studying a little about the Armor of God this week. It is actually really fun to study out every single piece of armor in detail. For example it says to have your feet shod with preparation of the Gospel of piece. Jesus Christ is the Price of peace and this is his Gospel. When soldiers shod their feet with armor they do it so that they can walk into whatever battle shielded from whatever might impede their path. If we shield ourselves with the Gospel of Jesus Christ We will be able to walk through whatever challenge or temptation Satan puts before our path.

Cool Story:

Ok so yesterday we were a little frustrated for the lack of investigators in church. Before we left the apartment we made a promise with the Lord that we would not return to the house until we found someone that was ready to hear the Gospel. We left and didn’t have a lot of time scheduled to find people because we were teaching a lot but we started knocking doors and the 4th house we knocked we put someone with a baptismal date. But there is more to the story. we were walking down the street and my companion asked me were we should start (we should have already planned that but oh well) so we said a prayer and I waited and said lets go to these apartments over there. So we did and we found Alba. Something that I am really coming to learn is that the spirit carries the messages to our hearts, but we have to let it in. Sometimes we receive revelation and doubt if it really is what we think. If we don’t have the faith to let in the revelation and believe it to be revelation, we will never reach what we truly can reach.

love you all and send you all my love,

Elder Fischer

-the Lord has commanded it and I must obey

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