Monday, November 16, 2009

Week of November 16, 2009

Hey to all from Chile!

This week has been another roller coaster! Especially with what we have done thus far for our p-day today. We went into the city to buy ties because mine are just getting nasty and I am getting bored of them. After we bought ties and ate we went down the street because there is a gigantic church there. So we went inside and wow the spirit just left. Like straight up I was scared. Anyways so now I am sitting in a 4 story gigantor Americanized mall writing you.

Wow Aunt Cathy is running for congress? ha ha legit! Tuff break Granddaddy you will make it through you always do. Still haven’t gotten granddaddy’s letter yet but hopefully tomorrow! Cathy I know you will do great!

Zack my man! I can’t believe you are dunking jerk! lol wow we are really going to be the (DD) when I get back. You just got to go to SVU first right? Hey while you are studying for the test do the practice test online. The test really isn’t that hard if you are familiar with the questions.

Allie good luck in your game! You will do great! You always do! Keep up with the basketball and you will be able to ball with me and Zack. We will create a dynasty lol.

Mom you are seriously amazing. All that you do I mean really I don’t know how you do it for real. Hey, have you considered writing your book for the world, and with the Book of Mormon? missionary work! just a thought.

Dad my man, where you at dog? lol you sent me a nice long e-mail this week...ha ha how’s work? I can’t wait till I get back and you are all old and I can finally beat you at wrestling.

Mom I have been thinking about Christmas and I guess there are a few things that I would like. First off ties! I need ties! lol also some little device or tool to teach the plan of salvation would be really nice too. Just something for people to look at so that they can remember it easier. But really the only thing that I really want for Christmas is a letter from everybody along with an updated picture! Family, friends, who ever. Don’t stress out about it though mom I know you! Just whatever you can get really.

Spiritual thought:

Today I want to talk a little about Christ, (lol who would of thought? it’s not like its central to my purpose or anything) but I want to talk a little in the sense of repentance. If there is anyone reading this right now and has something they need to repent for and for some reason doesn’t want to or is scared or feels a little uneasy feel my words. I use the word feel because this is something very close to my heart just as all of you are.

Jesus Christ suffered for ALL of our sins. He didn’t suffer the sins for just those who accept him, he suffered for all. He is willing to forgive all and really wants to. He does not ask much of us. Repentance is not easy, never has been. But consider this, seeing as how our merciful Savior already suffered for our sins, why would we not confess them to him so he can forgive us? its not like he has to suffer more, he already suffered it, he knows how you feel, that is why he is so so willing to forgive you. In fact, it would be much much easier for him if we would just repent and come back to him. We will experience joy and more happiness as a child of God. So my point is, stop suffering, stop putting it off, if you need to repent do it, it will be easier on you and easier on our Savior. And I promise you that as you do these things that you will feel the Saviors love more in your life, you will have more happiness and you will feel more complete.

Sorry went off on little rampage there. Anyways another nice little update...I am baptizing this Saturday!!!!! Ovies and Bryon Younshin

We had to work our tales off but it is so so worth it, he is talking about wanting the priesthood, especially the spirit. We promised him his wife would follow his example...she is already asking him questions...ha ha! Also he already wants a calling!


Elder Fischer

-The Lord has Commanded it and i MUST Obey

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