Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week of 11-23-2009

Happy turkey day!!!!

Hey all! Wow what a roller coaster week! Ovies got baptized!!! Well I already told you this story a little bit last week so I have another story that I want to share

So the day before Ovies got baptized the sister missionaries had someone that needed to be interviewed so my companion interviewed him...he failed. Apparently he just needed a little more time to deal with something. But we were all surprised because this young man (Aiyun) was amazing! He had born his testimony several times and was always at church several times throughout the week. Anyways he was in the bathroom crying all by him so I went in to talk to him. I cracked a joke or two to cheer him up again then I told him to keep strong, I told him that the Lord has his timing in all things and that as long as he stayed strong then it would all work out. He had an interview the next day and was baptized on Sunday. It was an amazing baptism! Very emotional and he bore his testimony afterwards really strongly! He even sent me a shout out lol! So that’s my cool story for the week.

This week we are going to be working our butts off yet again. lol I love it! We are trying to baptize three other families right now for the next two weeks and we are going to do some above and beyond the call type of things...me likely! lol

Wow so thanksgiving is coming up and I can’t believe I’m not going to be home! I can’t believe I am going to miss the turkey bowl! Oh well. Zack fill me in on what happens. But seeing as how this is a big family holiday and we are all going to be apart I want to base my spiritual thought around that a little:

“In a Priesthood Leadership Meeting with Stake Presidents held right before a General Conference, President Harold B. Lee addressed the brethren in the Tabernacle. He called on one brother in the congregation, who was seated next to a big pillar that held up the balcony, to stand up. Then he asked him to push as hard as he could against the pillar and see if he could knock it over. The brother did as he was asked, and pushed, and pushed. But obviously he could not push it over. Then President Lee taught the following lesson, ‘Most of you think that the pillar is there holding up the balcony, but it is not. It is the other way around. It is the balcony that is holding the pillar firmly in place. The weight of the balcony stops the pillar from falling over. Our young missionaries are like that pillar. When they are out in the mission field they have the weight of the Kingdom on their shoulders, and they remain firm and faithful.”

Also this analogy relates to all of us this holiday season, although we are all going to be apart and missing each other just a little, I firmly believe that as we are doing what is right and what God asks of us, that God will be our balcony.

Also President May share an interesting thought in Zone Conference this past week. It was a story about Elder Bednar. He went to talk to a couple who had recently been married and the husband was diagnosed with very bad cancer. After visiting for a while the husband finally posed the statement "I think I have the faith enough to be healed." Elder Bednar responded as such- " I think the better question is do you have the faith not to be healed?" what we learn from this is that faith is not necessarily the ability or the power to do big or even small things, but rather the ability to have the strength and submissiveness to obey and do the Lords will. So to all of you today I pose this question: do you have the faith to submit to the Lords will?

Que Este bien!


Elder Fischer

-The Lord has commanded it and I must obey-nefi

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