Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hola from Chile 5-10-2010

Buenas Dias fam,

It was so great to hear your voices yesterday! Even if my voice is with a bit of a Spanish accent lol. I was actually nervous for that reason. We don’t talk in English ever so I hadn’t practiced for a while. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day mom. I know I did cause I got to talk to you lol. Not that I’m a mother or anything but it was still a good day.

Other than feeling super homesick we found a wonderful person yesterday! So the work continues onward as long as we are doing the will of the Lord. Sounds like my boys had a way fun time at the father-son-Jaquish campout lol. I miss those. Allie it sounds like your talent show will be way cool. You will have to film it in case I ever decide to come home from Chile ;) I’m sure I’ll hear all about it next week. Good luck!

Wow so zack is going to be senior boy! lol hard to believe that you all are going to be ending this year of school so soon. Time flies in the service of the Lord.

Mom if you want you could send some sweats for the nights and mornings or you could even send me some money and I could just buy them here what ever you prefer.

Well I don’t really know what else to write, we talked a lot yesterday. soooooooooooooooo, spiritual thought:

"Its your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude in life"-Dave Dean.

A wise man stood at the gate of an American city and greeted travelers as they arrived. One day, a traveler asked him:
"What kinds of people live in this city?"
The wise man responded with a question of his own: "what kind of people lived in the city from whence you came?"
"Oh, they were very bad people," answered the traveler, "cruel, deceitful, and devil-worshipping."
"You will find the same kind of people in this city", replied the wise man.
Some time later a second traveler came to the gate and asked about the people in the city. The wise man again asked this question:
"What kind of people lived in the city from whence you came?
"Oh, they were a very good people," answered the second traveler, "hard working, generous, and God-fearing"
" You will find the same kind of people in this city" Smiled the wise man.

My wish is that we can all remember who we are and what we stand for and that we must be agents to act not objects to be acted upon in the life. I love you all and pray that you may find the joy life has to offer through the Grace and mercy of our Savior and Lord, Jesus The Christ.

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.

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