Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hola fam,

I truly loved all of your letters this week. I could really feel the Spirit and your love for me. Thank you so much. The things you say and teach me always leave me ready and animado for the week. We had a pretty productive week. A little slow because my companion ya esta listo por su casa but all is well it leaves me even more determined to work harder and build up the faith of others.

Allie congrats on a wonderful season of basketball! You are so awesome! Now you just got to train for next year right? Lol Zack sounds like you had a busy week with lots of church activities. Those always were my favorite activities! Dude send me your talk or at least the outline I hear it was awesome! Zack and Allie you truly are examples for me! Please continue faithfully in your wonderful lives of service.

Barker! Congrats man! It sounds like you had an awesome mission! Lost just a little weight tiny boy!

Jayson be the happy Jayson you are ;)

Mom, Dad, Thank you for teaching and leading and raising me in the way of the Lord. I was reading the teachings of King Benjamin this week and you would be surprised how much I saw his teachings in harmony with yours. I am indebted and truly grateful for this wonderful gift you have given me.

Well I have pure desires to work and lots of it to do so spiritual thought.

Some murmur when the sky is clear
and wholly bright to view,
if one small peck of dark appear
in their great heaven of blue:
and some with thankful love are filled,
if but one streak of light,
one ray of Gods good mercy, gild
he darkness of heir night.

May we all realize what we as members of the true church of God have in our lives. We have the priesthood and as such the opportunity to apply the atonement in our lives through repentance. That is more than just a streak of light in our day no matter how dark it may appear.

Love you all, Have a good week!

Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must obey

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