Monday, February 15, 2010


What’s up fam?!

Ok so this week has been pretty sweet. We have been working our butts off so that’s always good. We finally have lots of investigators to teach and for this we are really enjoying ourselves here in Los Andes. It really is true what you said Elder Street, there is no joy greater in the Work than the actual work.

Today we had to bring Elder Dunshee to the Office because he has officially completed his mission and is going home. It was really sad. I really love that guy. But we will definately hook up some day. He is going to be a famous music artist so I can just mooch off his money and I won’t have to work lol.

Lets see, what happened that was interesting this week...well lets see we were on the metro today and this couple totally just started making out right next to us and it was funny cause me Elder Scow and Elder Dunshee just looked at each other and said out loud in English "get a room". lol they didn’t understand so it was all good. It was more of a reaction. Also yesterday we climbed up a hill to have a testimony meeting with our investigators that are going to get baptized this coming week. It was way way spiritual and Chile is way way beautiful. I have pics.

Street you’re the man dude, I can’t believe you are coming to the finish line, or third base however you want to look at it. Keep it up and keep it strong man. You’re a great example

spiritual thought,

So I was reading about my favorite prophet ever the other day in the Book of Mormon. I was reading about Nephi and the story of how he broke his bow. it is amazing to me as we see his whole family complaining. including his own father who is the prophet and patriarch of the family at the time. I was thinking while I was reading, what would I do? then I read what he did do. we read in verse 23 what he did do. First he did all he could and did his part and made a bow and arrow. then he inquired of the Lord. What I learned of this is that whenever we are passing through trials and difficult times in life first we have to try our best to fix them. we have to prepare ourselves to receive an answer from God then we may humbly go before him to ask for his guidance. then if we have humbly prepared and done everything we can and are truly willing to act we will receive what we need of the Lord. Nephi went up to the mountain and slew many many beasts. So when others complain or doubt, inquire of the Lord and go About it.

Love you all

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Elder Fischer
The Lord has commanded it and I must obey.

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