Monday, February 15, 2010



Wow congrats Bruce n Britt! ha ha oh man I cant believe it! Seriously
I am like going crazy right now. Its kinda not fare that I can’t see my
niece but I know I am where I should be. She is a tiny little girl. I
can already tell she will have the Fischer good looks lol a relationship...ha ha oh man. hit me up with an email
dude. Y tambien, cuidado!

This week we saw miracles here in Los Andes. We passed by and had
probably one of the most spiritual lessons of my life with a 15-year-old
girl. Then she read almost all of the Book of Mormon and bore her
testimony in church that she knew it was true. Her name is Macarena so
when we got back to the house we broke into a dance lol. I am sure you
can imagine.

But this is the thing. We did nothing. As missionaries we did nothing
for this girl, we showed up and she was already ready and accepting.
Something that I have really come to find on my mission is that the more
I find myself trying to serve Him (Christ), I only find Him serving me. I am
truly grateful for my savior Jesus Christ and for all He did, does, and
will do for me. I see His influence in my life everyday. I don’t think
we will ever be able to see all of the wonderful tender mercies that He
gives us. It makes sense after all, He tells us to serve in secret, we
all know He leads and teaches by example. God loves us infinitely and
individually. All my love and prayers to Britt and Bruce and little
Madi. May the grace of God be with you all,

Love Elder Fischer

The Lord has commanded it and I must Obey.

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