Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Westons 1st week in the MTC

Ok - so here is Elder Fischer's first email to us - not too much info but sounds like he is doing great and thriving in the MTC just like his Dad said he would.

ha ha ok so after running around because my computer wouldnt work i finally got on but i now only have a few minutes left so i will have to try to hurry. Mom it turns out that i think i can put other addresses on this account so if you don't mind forwarding all of my addresses to this account i would very much appreiciate it. Also if you don't mind forwarding this message to all of them this time and then when i get the addresses then i will do it my self from then on. Also if you don't mind i need about 3 more gyme outfits and one more p-day out fit if you don't mind. thanks!

well, one week down and i am having a blast! i already know how to testify pray and make contacts in spanish! its really hard though because we study all day every day. at first it was kind of hard but now i find that i look forward to the time i have to sit down and study the gospel. I wish i could express to everyone what an honor it is to wear my name tag all the time. sometimes i wish i could sleep with it on ha ha. anyways, i will write more next week. sorry but i just didnt have much time after setting up the account. Chow!

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