Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 1, 2011 & April 9, 2011

April 1, 2011

So this week was good. Real busy but really good too. Actually mom we def knew about Obama coming to Chile, it was all everybody talked about all the time ha ha. Actually he passed right in front of the office where we are serving. Ha ha we saw his lemo!!!!!!!! I am so jealous that you all went to the beach ha ha. Pretty cool though. Sounds like Zack is kicken names and taken butts in tennis with the Camster ha ha ata boy.

So this week was really good. We feel really good about the work we are doing. We are achieving in our sector what no other assistant has achieved here since we arrived. We firmly believe in giving the example for the missionaries and it is really paying off. Today we had a meeting with all the zone leaders and it was a really good one too. President actually asked us right on the spot to give a 40 minute lesson together on the needs of the mission and guide it in a council. That was unexpected but way fun. President doesn't normally give missionaries opportunities to do that. It was a challenge but a great learning opportunity. Also many missionaries have come up to us and thanked us for our example. President personally thanked us this week too. Hopefully we can elevate and inspire the mission to do
more. We feel very blessed...and tired out of our
mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that’s ok

This next month is going to be a really busy one. Every week we are going to be going to all the zones and while President has interviews we are going to give 2 hour training lessons with every zone, in the end we will have trained 9 zones and 171 missionaries...cry cry...pray for sleep. But we love it

So I am way excited for general conference this week!!!!!!!!!!! You all have no idea!!!! ha ha actually I feel like a nerd kinda but that's ok cause its a good kind of nerd.

I love you all..........a lot.

Spiritual thought this week by Pres. May (cambiado un poco)

I recently had an interesting experience that taught me a great lesson. About six months ago I accidentally left the lights on in my car as I went in for an appointment. When I came back out to start the car the battery was dead. I was able to have the battery recharged and the car functioned just fine. However, I had to readjust the clock in the car to show the right time. I did not know how to do it so I looked in the car´s manual of instruction for help. As I read the instructions, I learned how to do it. You have to select certain buttons and then enter a particular code to be able to access the menu which allows you to set the clock at the correct time. Once you enter the code, you can easily reset the clock.

buenos dias!!!!!

April 9, 2011

Ha ha funny question you had to start out this week mom cause it was the same question that I asked my companion this morning. ha ha the time goes by way too fast. Sounds like everyone is doing awesome there in Carolina. The only other elder from north Carolina in the mission went home Monday, Elder Wiggins, so I’m the only one now ha ha. All my wishes of luck today in basketball. It must be fun to see and meet new wards and teams. That must be a blast. Also congrats to grandma and grandpa, sounds like they got hooked up ha ha. That’s crazy about how many days of school you all have missed...Saturday school? Ha ha that’s crazy. Sounds like you will still be in school by the time get back ha ha.

So this week was a really really busy week and it went really really well. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we went to different zones to do interviews and also to teach a capacitation to the Elders in there respective zones. Then Friday we had interchanges, Monday we had our normal meeting with President May so all is well. Ha ha basically everyday is like the busiest day of my life cause we also have to have the most successful sector in the mission at the same time. Our teaching has been way awesome in the zones. We are talking a lot about planning and the importance of planning and especially planning well. We had the spirit, human pyramids, doctrine, ha ha it was great. Hopefully it will help us a lot as a mission. The missionaries left really excited everyday so we will see how it went. This week we are going to have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday doing the same. Interviews and teaching. Ha ha we are really lacking in the whole sleep thing. Getting up early and in bed late everyday really starts to get to you after a while. Then the next week after that we are going to have 3 special conferences so that will be even crazier. Ha me...cry cry. lol no jk we are all good.

Ha ha so Dad if there is anything I would say to the youth, would be serve a mission. It’s not important if you are a boy or girl, if you do it, you will leave as a true disciple of Christ. The knowledge, experience, and testimony that they will gain while serving will prove as a strong foundation for this life and for all eternity. The mission has changed my life, and saved the lives of my future family. Go early, But it’s never too late. I have learned of the importance of families, especially how much I love mine and therefore the importance of the temples too. I know and love the prophet Joseph Smith and testify that the Restoration really truly occurred. More importantly I Know my Savior lives, I know he loves me. He loves my family, He is my family. He suffered for and died for us but more importantly He lived again for us that we might all live again. And that is why I understand why we have to be obedient with exactness, because as we do our very best, Christ and his grace can save us, but if we do not do our best, we are alone.

Ok so I basically just started rambling there but use what you want if it can help you.

Love you all a bunch seriously.
Elder Fischer
The Lord has commanded it and I must obey

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